Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality | Anil Seth

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 18, 2017
  • Right now, billions of neurons in your brain are working together to generate a conscious experience -- and not just any conscious experience, your experience of the world around you and of yourself within it. How does this happen? According to neuroscientist Anil Seth, we're all hallucinating all the time; when we agree about our hallucinations, we call it "reality." Join Seth for a delightfully disorienting talk that may leave you questioning the very nature of your existence.

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  • Cat Lady
    Cat Lady  10 hours ago

    The tiles looked like different colors even after he added that grey strip. I'm confused...

  • Vik Dan
    Vik Dan  16 hours ago

    Fortunately, consciousness is not something generated by the brain, which is only a machine. Consciousness is our very soul, and it lives beyond our temporary bodies. We may consider the brain as an interface between the soul and the phisic body it partially controls. I say partially because we are still far from being aware of we are, and so we are unable to use our mind (and body) at 100%. Not since science and spirituality (which is far different from religion!) will be treated as two separate and opposite matters! They are two sides of the same coin.

  • dAMMOR
    dAMMOR  19 hours ago

    METATRON- You Are Within Me Where No Loving Spirit Guide Exists 12/1/19:

  • Edzard Piltz
    Edzard Piltz  yesterday

    Not bad talk, but only half the truth. He still holds on to the believe in an outside word even thought he acknowledges that all we can ever know is a mental representation of what is supposedly "out there", the real world made out of matter.
    But to be truly scientific, it the hypothesis of and outside world should first clearly be started before diving into explanations about perception and realty.
    But I guess this is the kind mainstream consensus that only the greatest of scientist dear to challenge. 😘

  • kandysman86
    kandysman86  2 days ago

    You presupposed much of the way this is thought about when you qualified the premise before you asked the question. Billions of neurons creating this state, as opposed to recieving this state by external means.

  • Neutrino triangle

    I am, what ever you want me to be.

  • Diego Shook
    Diego Shook  2 days ago

    Our brain is all but a place for our conscious to settle in and allows our consciousness to do what it does. I think death , real death of the body where our physiology is no longer active, brings an end to this sort of settlement and there is no place for our consciousness to continue so it breaks away and goes back into the universe in different form or maybe as a different type of energy. Unless there is another place for our conscious to thrive (such as a computer or something), death is the end of the self. There is a difference between body dead and being consciously dead.

  • jorka Ceo
    jorka Ceo  2 days ago

    I do halucinate in anil seth is a idiot

  • Marc Bell
    Marc Bell  2 days ago

    What about the 3rd eye? This guy has no real world experience it's just theoretical to him.

  • Carlos Iván Osorio Salazar

    No vemos el mundo como es, lo vemos como nosotros somos

  • AnaMaria Clasing
    AnaMaria Clasing  3 days ago

    Maybe the word ´hallucination´ is not the perfect one, I see it more as when Nagarjuna said that reality is an illusion and explains it as a depending arising event, constantly happening and allways interdependent, therfore non existing but only as an me this makes a lot of sence!!!

  • Robert Link Kelsey

    Just couldn't help himself...

  • Shawn Schutz
    Shawn Schutz  3 days ago

    See how that works EPILEPSY. Tell me how that goes. Im serious tell me how it goes. It's known as " The SACRED DIESES " for a reason. You lose matter what!! If im wrong PROVE IT!! and you should have no problem fixing me. LEAVE ME COMMENT. ANY COMMENT.

  • Jeremy Boldery
    Jeremy Boldery  3 days ago

    It's interesting to pause at 05:20 and stare until you DO see A and B as the same color. It helps to stare at a point (A or B) and not move your eyes. This reminds me of when I used to work on a loading dock. The concrete was light gray and had these really dark and big oil spots. If I stared at the oil spot, after a few seconds, it would basically disappear; it became the light gray. I think that was color fatigue though so not really the same principle going on but...

  • Patrick Ron
    Patrick Ron  3 days ago

    He looks Super Sayian in the thumbnail because of the highlighted brain area in the background

  • Doug Morgan
    Doug Morgan  4 days ago

    nice and deep

  • SofiannP
    SofiannP  4 days ago

    I guess I just hallucinated this video...

  • the truth is
    the truth is  4 days ago +1


  • Kim Freeborn
    Kim Freeborn  4 days ago

    Interesting that he argues against an elan vital yet makes the major principle the "will to survive". I like emergent property rather than hallucination. Hallucination as consciousness gets at the problem but doesn't explain anything about the accuracy of our consciousness. Consciousness as emergent property is the result of evolutionary forces. We already learned all of this from Gregory Bateson 40 years ago.

  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff Crisafulli  4 days ago

    In one year anything will be possible.