Breakfast Sandwich - You Suck at Cooking (episode 5)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 2, 2015
  • Subcribe to find out what really happened to John and Douglas: will make you cry more than John and Douglas' deaths: 1967, the United States government outlawed oatmeal, as one part of a 13 prong strategy to increase egg consumption. The next 27 years of oatmeal prohibition saw a moderate amount of egg innovation, resulting in two notable creations, including this open face breakfast sandwich. It remains popular with dentists and miners in all 6 hemispheres. The other innovation was known as 'Egg Near a Stick' but it never really became a thing.


  • Dan iel
    Dan iel  3 years ago +3967

    That egg scene was pretty intense

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy  3 years ago +2472

    I just stumbled upon the greatest channel ever.

  • Mr.Panda663
    Mr.Panda663  2 years ago +2830

    "I would think of throwing the eggs but that would be a waste" shots fired.

  • Mayer Yedid
    Mayer Yedid  3 years ago +1693

    don't. shut. me. out!
    RIP Douglas

  • Confuzzled Tomato
    Confuzzled Tomato  3 years ago +910

    i want John X Douglas hardcore yaoi

  • AngieGandalf6
    AngieGandalf6  3 years ago +955

    Never thought a cooking channel which makes me laugh so much would actually teach me good recipes. Love this one. Except I drizzle the toast with extra virgin olive oil from Spain, you just get some shitty olive oil.

  • Pearl
    Pearl  3 years ago +1193

    john and douglas..... jacksfilms?

  • casper the ghost
    casper the ghost  3 years ago +841


  • Trenton Nezzy
    Trenton Nezzy  3 years ago +653

    I want an update to John and Douglas. Please tell me they didn't die in vain. Not just for a sandwich, but for the hope of something more on the other side.

  • Johnny
    Johnny  4 years ago +859

    Poor eggs. I cri evry tim!

  • Nick Nirus
    Nick Nirus  3 years ago +229

    He makes these drunk. Confirmed.

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea  4 years ago +438

    I just watched eggs talk to each other. And I enjoyed it

  • CaptainAlliance
    CaptainAlliance  4 years ago +155

    So that's why HowToBasic has such an affection towards eggs.

  • Wangjangler
    Wangjangler  3 years ago +497

    seriously, how do you always have perfect toast?

  • xJoker2014x
    xJoker2014x  4 years ago +620

    Everyone in the world should be subbed to you.

  • Asad Farook Art
    Asad Farook Art  2 years ago +254

    I wanna know what happened between John and Douglas :(

  • Alistair Pott
    Alistair Pott  3 years ago +84

    Darth Vader in the water on his plate at 2:05. Wife thinks I'm crazy, but I know what I saw!

  • Luke
    Luke  3 years ago +143

    Am I the only one who that egg scene actually made sad at one point? haha I feel ridiculous

  • Em ily
    Em ily  3 years ago +50

    Why didn't Douglas say "the best night of my eggsistence"

  • JuicyMullet
    JuicyMullet  4 years ago +115

    Why have I just now discovered this channel? The past few months have been WASTED!!