I Bought a 94 Chevy C3500 454 BBC for $6500 and Broke it!!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 25, 2019
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  • Neluf
    Neluf  3 months ago +236

    Usually don’t comment but this truck was a BAD purchase

  • dead rabbit
    dead rabbit  3 months ago +255

    You know theirs thives around so probably not a good ideal to show them you've got a Mac in the garage.

  • skylinegtr81
    skylinegtr81  3 months ago +175

    You got played it's not worth 6500 with all those defects

  • paul finnelly
    paul finnelly  3 months ago +74

    Next video title "my 4 grand computer got stolen " !!

  • Will Pollitt
    Will Pollitt  3 months ago +194

    Has problem with thieves, shows off/brags about “$4000” i mac... brilliant

  • Levi Nation69
    Levi Nation69  3 months ago +108

    Randy, you need a business partner that'll smack you up side the head before you do something like this.

  • bill nalder
    bill nalder  3 months ago +141

    This is exactly why i love this channel, its the closest thing i can get to watching a trainwreck live!

  • Mohit Surtani
    Mohit Surtani  3 months ago +139

    I told you already ! Change your channel name to Sight Unseen Rebuilds !

  • Carl Weidman
    Carl Weidman  3 months ago +87

    Get your computer out of there and get a laptop get your computer out of there and get a laptop

  • Midnight Gambler
    Midnight Gambler  3 months ago +68

    Could have dropped 3500 in fixing the shop leaks properly and that would be correct AND a tax deduction, but that "needs everything" truck was an unwise decision, considering you already had a good truck for hauling...IMHO..Best of luck tho!!

  • Carson Weaver
    Carson Weaver  3 months ago +34

    His red Chevy 2500 was so nice! This thing is an absolute mess!

  • 70brine
    70brine  3 months ago +101

    Nice truck. Should definitely last you a month, considering how long you keep them.

  • andrew clark
    andrew clark  3 months ago +45

    If he didn't want to take less there are plenty of other trucks out there. Just walk away.

  • Meadows Post
    Meadows Post  3 months ago +34

    That's ridiculous Randy $6,500 You should of know better! I'm not mad just disappointed in you.

  • The Infidel
    The Infidel  3 months ago +18

    Overpriced money pit,he'll spend about $1500 to $2000 on it and then sell it at a huge loss within four weeks and replace it with something probably worse,good entertainment though.

  • Sylvain C
    Sylvain C  3 months ago +24

    Randy if you don't get your act together now your business will fail, I hate to say it but you can't continue to throw money like that and make poor decisions. I don't understand.

  • Russell Harris
    Russell Harris  3 months ago +21

    I do love that truck. BUT, what is happening here? Maybe I'm missing the point, but isn't waterproofing the workshop more important? The quality of the respray is immaterial along with the nonsense about diesel! Modern diesels are no more expensive to maintain and more reliable than gas engines. I would suggest a look at your priorities to decide where all this is going. I enjoy the videos very much sitting in the UK, but please have a think.

  • Pat O’Neal
    Pat O’Neal  3 months ago +29

    I’m beginning to see the pattern here.
    Make dodgy purchase.
    Make video to justify purchase.
    Receive YouTube view revenue.
    For your sake, I hope this model is sustainable.

  • first on race day
    first on race day  3 months ago +41

    you just bought someones basket case for wayyyyyyyyy toooooo much . its obd1

  • Jx Po
    Jx Po  3 months ago +19

    Man, don't ever buy anything that has been this tampered with and modified. Recipe for disaster every time.