I Bought a 94 Chevy C3500 454 BBC for $6500 and Broke it!!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 25, 2019
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  • Ozzy Tapanes
    Ozzy Tapanes  7 days ago

    $6,500! Must’ve been an impulse buy .....we both know that’s not worth it ....

  • Octane injected
    Octane injected  14 days ago

    Lol thrush muffler and he thinks he got a good buy

  • A Y
    A Y  28 days ago

    this 3500 gm truck is a piece of garbage, yet you fell into the seller trap and bought it unseen. and thinking - it was only 30 minutes drive away from your house. you are impulsive buyer, and that will make you bankrupt one day.

  • A Y
    A Y  28 days ago

    you lecture again and again never to buy site unseen, yet you do it on every one of your purchases. amazing.

  • Matthew Tracey
    Matthew Tracey  1 months ago

    You sir, should go get a job at McDonald's and let all of us that actually know cars deal with them.

    "Something called hydro boost"
    I mean come on....

  • Gary Hayes
    Gary Hayes  1 months ago


  • neunzighundert
    neunzighundert  3 months ago

    @19:00 the line from power steering to power breaking. regular gas engines have a power breaking unit that uses lower pressure from the intake. that doesnt work for a diesel( as there is no throttle in a diesel, therefore no low pressure !!!) ...i guess thats a remainder of the old engine....as the meters in the dash!!! so they used the diesel power break system for the gas engine...and maybe the low pressure break unit was not working so they used the diesel system. greez

  • neunzighundert
    neunzighundert  3 months ago

    i know it´s an old video. the dash is from a diesel....at time 3:46 !!! as the rev meter only goes 4500 instead of a gas 6000 max. as i have owned the same volkswagen as a gas as a diesel car...the oil volume is depending on engine size and not from fuel. you need special certified oils ...but that applies for gas too nowadays. my diesel is now 160.000 miles (converted) and no glow plugs needed to be exchanged, no fuel-injection units, the mileage with diesel is 47 mpg for a 101 hp diesel, for 75 hp gas it was 30 ---for the same vehicle size and weight...i drive 30.000 miles a year...so that makes a lot of $$$ difference. and there is zero difference in costs of maintaining. maybe now as a (proud?) diesel owner, you know now whats a real diesel and whats just lack of knowledge....and for a truck , maybe even pulling a heavy trailer, the torque of a diesel is everything. greetings to you Randy!

  • steven herrin
    steven herrin  3 months ago

    Dude you are way too bitchy

  • James Wiggins
    James Wiggins  3 months ago

    It runs fine

  • living in a desert
    living in a desert  3 months ago

    You paid 6500$ because its a crew cab 4×4. I own the 2wd ext cab 91 454 dually. The crew cab is very popular in my neck of the woods. WHY did it pop when you revved it??? 4800$ would of been a good price..I painted mine hot rod primer grey and put a 4 inch lift on mine..love the 454..

  • joelynn milligan
    joelynn milligan  3 months ago

    stop winning, love itg or sedll it.

  • Trent Robey
    Trent Robey  4 months ago

    Drop a 6.0 in it and let her eat

  • Chris Stafford
    Chris Stafford  4 months ago

    Randy , Randy , Randy 😯 that truck 😒 looks like problem after problem headed your way

  • Foxmakesmodels
    Foxmakesmodels  5 months ago

    This is the type of bad purchasing decisions that raise prices unreasonably on older trucks

  • jeff flowers
    jeff flowers  5 months ago

    truck cost way to much for it's age. i gave 3 grand for the same truck but mine is red. 454 big block no rust on mine either. i got 194xxxx i own mine for 12 years an it's still going strong . an runs great as the day i got it

  • George Toren
    George Toren  6 months ago

    This guy is one hard luck story after another.

  • niteninja 01
    niteninja 01  7 months ago

    Sorry. The outside of the truck is really nice but the interior of the truck is just trash. Get rid of that fuel injection that TBI is junk and put a carb on it If your going to spend money on a truck sell the dually amd ford amd just buy a 12valve cummings

  • DragonBrownies
    DragonBrownies  7 months ago

    Sorry but... you could of found something alot nicer than that truck for less. Sure its clean but it's a half ass clapped together truck. If you upgrade or update the interior..do it all. Paintjob like that I'd expect from Maaco.

  • Fujimandkim Yates
    Fujimandkim Yates  7 months ago

    No matter who you are in life you pay what some of us call a stupid tax.
    Looks like he paid your taxes on this one.
    3500 to $4000.
    Over payed