How To Cook Meals Kids Will Love

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 4, 2018
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  • Gamer Vlogger  (Aug 15, 2018))

    I have watched this so many times!

  • swat 19 678  (1 hour ago))


  • \\GachaChiii //  (Jan 12, 2019))

    Literally 2% of people watching this is a parent

  • XD_Gamer Z  (6 hours ago))

    1% xD

  • Kaydance Sommer  (12 hours ago))

    I have 2 boys and 1 girl.They’re all cats... plus i’m 11..

  • BB Studios  (Jan 16, 2019))

    I'm a 14 year oldY am I watching this....

  • Flipping Fish  (2 hours ago))

    Wait whoops I’m 11

  • Flipping Fish  (2 hours ago))

    Bruv I’m 10 so....

  • MOO NZz  (3 days ago))

    I have no idea why I'm always coming back to this video...I watched it like 5 times already lol

  • Ary-ana Jackson  (21 hours ago))


  • Gameknight999 :D  (Jan 24, 2019))

    I was one of those kids who ate everything because I knew that it was that or nothing

  • Jazxs  (20 hours ago))


  • Robin Acton  (3 days ago))

    Gameknight999 :D same

  • Robyn Boudreaux  (May 4, 2018))

    The food looks delicious, but the most important part of this is what an amazing Aunt you are. Xo

  • Sana Ayub  (Jan 24, 2019))

    +Yes, I know Yes, I know

  • Thetshow //  (Jan 20, 2019))


  • Bannana Boi  (Jan 28, 2019))

    what kids like now is chicken nuggets and mac n cheese.

  • Mandy T  (32 minutes ago))

    My brother. 😂😂😂

  • Lee Haerin  (14 hours ago))

    I want to eat things too butt my mother is super lazy

  • Wonder Lust  (Jan 19, 2019))

    pause at 0:48*when the sprinkles are only on one side* 🥺

  • Claire Leone  (1 hour ago))

    Phantom Wolf Of Night omg Same

  • AYLIN MONGE  (1 day ago))

    Wonder Lust oof

  • Prasun Sarangi  (Jan 13, 2019))

    It is so useful for me I lost my brother and his wife married someone else so me and my wife had to take care of his 2 kids I have 1 set of twins and me and my wife love these kids and want to make sure that they don't feel the absence of their parents

  • Teddy Bear  (1 day ago))

    I feel bad for your brother. Im really sorry to hear that but i hope you can take care of the kids.

  • 4 subs With no vids  (3 days ago))

    Hope the best for you and your kids!

  • Treasure Van Laeken  (Jan 29, 2019))

    Idk how many times i have watched this ... It is just so sweet😁

  • cries in gucci  (Feb 4, 2019))

    +Cupcake Sweety enough to comment?

  • Jake Koba  (Feb 2, 2019))