Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA "TIME ATTACK" PART 12

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • This is the world biggest puzzle and we are a few steps away from it being together! This Dodge Viper TA was totaled out due to a crash at the track. Most people would let it die, but here at the goonzquad channel we bring them back to life. This beast is going to be running the streets before you know it. Be sure to follow along!!!-GOONZQUAD HOODIES: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • Amer Havic
    Amer Havic  7 months ago +804

    Who else liked before they watch

  • KingCarlTheFirst
    KingCarlTheFirst  7 months ago +529

    The Goonzquad Vocabulary: Daaang, Dude, That's Beast, Son, Yes sir.

  • Tom L
    Tom L  7 months ago +130

    Hello you two!!I am 80 yrs old,and i been watching your vds,for one year,which i really like.I am a old mechanic man,still riding my son motocycle.A volcan 1996 1500cc. Keep the good work that your doing,and you both will go far in life.Like me.I was born in New-Brunswick Canada,in 1939.Now i live in Sherbrooke Quebec Canada.I like your black coat with the hood on it.Do you ship in Canada?Take care boys.Tom,same name as your cat.

  • Saberease Era
    Saberease Era  7 months ago +91

    Orange car Blue door Silver quarter panel Yellow side skirt

  • Random
    Random  7 months ago +29

    Last time i came this early my girl left me good work

  • Road Runner
    Road Runner  7 months ago +15

    You guys certainly deserve over a million subscribers and you will get there very soon. Working 15 hours or more everyday at least! Great content, great workmanship, and two great young men. Parents must be proud.

  • bombora69WA
    bombora69WA  7 months ago +43

    Such well mannered boys. Your parents did a fine job.

  • polk4pres
    polk4pres  7 months ago +14

    So funny going back to the first couple episodes and reading all of the comments from the overly negative people that don't even know what a frame machine is. "This thing will never drive on the track!" They sounded so snotty, must be jealous that you have a TA now.

  • thanks ace
    thanks ace  7 months ago +2

    With all due respect: one of the brothers kind of reminds me of a younger version of Ahren Stringer .. not saying identical twins but similar lol.. rock on my friends 👍👍

  • Michele iad
    Michele iad  7 months ago +9

    I have been waiting for this episode like a famished animal. Sure the kit car is cool and the "Red Sun" import will certainly be spectacular when finished.... But this viper project has been your best project to date. I certainly hope you plan to keep it and not put it on some car lot for sale!!

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex  7 months ago +1


  • FirasYT Games
    FirasYT Games  7 months ago +1

    soz late BTW Daaaang so COOL! im waiting for the kit car lmao xD so pls be fast the next vid is her

  • Rural Ridez616
    Rural Ridez616  7 months ago +33

    You guys should do some research on how to dry sand the things you want to paint. I have been painting cars for for large body shop for 25 years and have not wet sanded for 20 years its just way too messy and time consuming.

  • Rather Be Restoring
    Rather Be Restoring  7 months ago +1

    editing is on point...obviously your rebuilding skills are on point we all knew that already :) but damn the editing lately is killing it.

  • nathan kramm
    nathan kramm  7 months ago +112

    I told my friends to suscribe cause u guys are the best car channel like if u agree

  • Randy Peralta
    Randy Peralta  7 months ago +1

    Been here since the subaru and never missed an upload ever since. Keep up the good work

  • Jasminanya
    Jasminanya  14 days ago

    Him: We made a list
    Me: But were you checkin it twice though?

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor  7 months ago

    Good on you for still doing the detail work! That's why I'm watching.....

  • Josh
    Josh  7 days ago

    Besides the silver quarter panel, I love how well they painted the Vipers 😍

  • Saif Ali
    Saif Ali  7 months ago

    #ALMOSTOEM 👌🏼 keep up the good work on repairing these amazing cars.