Oven Fries — CRISPIER Than Deep-Fried

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 27, 2019
  • Oven fries that are better than deep-fried? Maybe. Easier and cleaner? Definitely! Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Go to Squarespace.com for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to http://squarespace.com/ragusea and add code “RAGUSEA" at checkout to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.

    I suppose this is more of a techniques than a recipe. Take whatever potatoes you want. Peel them, or don't. Cut them into fry-like shapes, being sure to get roughly equal thickness, and cut them maybe twice as thick as you want them — they'll shrink a lot during cooking. I do one large Russet potato per person. Boil them until you're afraid they're going to fall apart — I do about eight minutes. Gently drain them and lay them on a pan wide enough to hold them all in a single layer. Drizzle on enough oil to thoroughly coat all the pieces. Shake the pan to coat the pieces and get the fries evenly distributed.

    Roast at 450ºF. Check on them after 45 minutes — add more oil if they look dry, and move around any pieces that seem to be cooking unevenly. Roast them some more until they're brown and crispy, maybe another 45 minutes. Be careful not to overcook them — very brown will taste burned. You can pull them when they're still a little floppy, because they will harden as they cool. The ones I made in the video are just a bit overcooked.

    Place kitchen towel or a couple layers of paper towel in a large bowl, and dump the fries in. Let the towel soak up the excess oil, and then whip it out. Season the fries in the bowl and then toss. I use coarse salt, pepper, garlic powder, chopped cilantro and grated parmesan.

    MY COOKING PHILOSOPHY: I don't like weighing or measuring things if I don't have to, and I don't like to be constantly checking a recipe as I cook. I don't care that volume is a bad way of measuring things — it's usually easier. I like for a recipe to get me in the ballpark, and then I like to eyeball and improvise the rest. If you're like me, my goal with these videos is to give you a sense of how the food should look and feel as you're cooking it, rather than give you a refined formula to reproduce.


  • Adam Ragusea
    Adam Ragusea  6 months ago +4533

    Q: What do you mean you devised this recipe? I've seen this before.
    A: Cool! I haven't seen another recipe that applies the par-boiled roastie technique to a fry shape, but I'm not at all surprised to hear that others exist. There's nothing new under the sun. But I did work out the particulars of this one on my own. Totally possible I just reinvented the wheel. Still good fries, though!

    Q: Have you thought about adding baking soda to the water to make the outside more crispy?
    A: No, but I'm intrigued. Alkalinity helps with browning. I will say, however, that I'm not sure I would want to accelerate the browning process on these. The interior needs a long cooking time in order to get really soft and fluffy, and I wouldn't want the exterior to get overly brown while I'm cooking the interior. Really dark brown on these tastes burned.

    Q: Have you thought about roughing up the fries a bit before they go in the oven to get more fluffy exterior that'll go crisp in oil?
    A: That works great with a more conventional roast potato shape, but these long thin shapes are really delicate when they first go in the roasting tray. That little shake I give them is about all the trauma they can take at that stage.

    Q: What's up with that thumbnail?
    A: I thought it was funny and intriguing! (And yeah, maybe I thought it could draw the ASMR crowd...)

    Q: Have you thought about using a slotted pan?
    A: I'm intrigued, but would't the oil drip out the bottom? We need that oil.

    Q: What's up with you having ads now?
    A: A man has to make a living for his family. Also, Squarespace really is good. http://squarespace.com/ragusea

    Q: What's up with two ad breaks per video?
    A: The particular format of the ads is negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the sponsor. You'll see a different format in next week's recipe. Personally, I like this format, because it discloses the sponsorship arrangement right off the bat, but then gives you some more content before you get to the main ad body.

    Q: Why was your first talking-head shot out of focus?
    A: I shoot by myself, and the talking-head shots are tough. I had my camera on face-tracking autofocus, I could see on the monitor that it had zero'd in on my face, but it's not possible for me to see on a tiny monitor halfway across the room if the shot really is in focus. Between this and my day job, I really don't have time to go back and fix stuff unless it's a real disaster. I'm learning every video, though, and I think it'll all keep getting better. The entire reason I started making cooking videos in the first place was to work on my video skills. I'm still pretty new to the medium.

    Q: Why were some of your shots over-exposed?
    A: I'm still really struggling with how to light and expose for white ingredients. I'm working on it. Everything looks overexposed on the cheap field monitor I'm using, so that's no help. I've tried using the level meter, but the black table and the white plates just seem to throw it off.

  • Khiro sans
    Khiro sans  3 hours ago

    You see people from the you uk call "fries" chips

  • The Nerd
    The Nerd  4 hours ago

    I’m Canadian and I love poo tine

  • Y Hong Nhu Dang (Nhu Y)

    make a asmr

  • Movie Games
    Movie Games  13 hours ago +1

    Looks good, but I see a nice plate of fries for me. What about the other 3 people?

  • Anime
    Anime  17 hours ago

    These are so greasy.. :/

  • chemical mike
    chemical mike  21 hours ago

    3:22 Aside from suggesting peanut oil for a traditional British chip, this guy is on point. (suggestion;try Beef fat(lard) instead.) But hey, if it works good , then why not try something else? :D

  • Djasko M
    Djasko M  22 hours ago

    Boiling Method works also for deepfrying afterwards. Just make sure to dry em before dumping em in th oil

  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett  22 hours ago

    Just from the picture and the title this is the most pretentious sounding thing of all time

  • F.B.Eye
    F.B.Eye  23 hours ago

    I dont even like crispy fries I prefer softer fries

  • candi cane
    candi cane  23 hours ago

    too much oil and work anyway

  • osirri
    osirri  yesterday

    I heard scientists have started genetically modifying potatoes to make them even more crispy. The technique is called CRISPR i believe.

  • Jacqueline Hernandez

    You kinda sound like Joe Goldberg

  • this is shiteu
    this is shiteu  yesterday

    that looks hella greasy🤣🤣 but im finna try anyway

  • Smoll EC
    Smoll EC  yesterday +6

    "You've gotta think like a Brit"
    Me: Colonizes the Fries

  • Phukit
    Phukit  yesterday

    If you were smart, you would have done the true British thing and preheated your fat in the oven. And the fat would be meat fat lol.
    Goose fat is the tastiest and makes the nicest crunch on those fluffy edges ❤️

  • Twistedmist
    Twistedmist  yesterday

    Im gonna make these, they look great, and I have some potatoes left over from the roast I made

  • Jachob Jensen
    Jachob Jensen  2 days ago

    Deep frying is just as good if done right but is way faster for a restaurant to do 100 orders or more also can be thinner without breaking. I always oven bake my fries even when im deep frying the rest of the meal

  • Rodrigo Gomez
    Rodrigo Gomez  2 days ago

    Just stick to FRIED fries and if you want extra crunchy well keep em longer.
    You still gotta wash that super nasty oven tray which is much worse to get rid of slow cooked oil than just pan frying.
    What does his wife think of washing that oven pan? LOL

  • Zorou
    Zorou  2 days ago

    Thought I would finally find a healthy alternative to deep fried fries with less oil, and well... what can I say except the baking tray is a f*cking swimming pool of oil lmao