My First Copart Auction Win!!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
  • Everyone is doing Copart rebuild videos these days so I thought I would join in. I bought a clean title, non-Salvage Hummer H3 from Copart and will be filming the transformation from standard, possibly really messed up engine to a daily driver with some off road credibility for my youngest daughter to drive when she turns 16. She will be helping about along the way and will be the decision maker when it comes to mods or improvements. Can you take a "junkyard" car and turn it into a safe, reliable car that you would let your daughter drive??? We are going to find out!! Thanks for watching.Items used to film this video:GoPro Camera used in filming: Camera I filmed this video with: used in filming this video: Gorilla Pod Full Size Tripod: Suction Cup Go Pro Holder: Lenses Used: me on Facebook! @epiccars73Twitter: @epiccars4Website: epiccars.netThis description may contain affiliate links. If you click my custom link to purchase a product, I will earn a small commission which does not affect your sales price in any way. Thank you.


  • Steve Maddox  1 months ago

    Run the belt off and see if it stops

  • Epic Cars  1 months ago

    Thanks Steve. Will try it and cross my fingers it’s just a belt or pulley issue. Thanks for watching.

  • manuel soss  1 months ago

    Claro siempre en inglés

  • Cameron Bonifant  1 months ago

    Did you win it through an auction or was it a buy now? I’m looking at a vehicle being sold by State Farm that is listed as a future sale and trying to find out if there is a way to buy it before it goes to auction

  • Epic Cars  1 months ago

    I won it through the actual auction process. I had put a bid in about 2 weeks ago and the auction date just said "future" and then I received a notification that a car I was watching was being auctioned the night it came up on the Copart website for sale. Had to make about 3 more bids against other bidders to win it. Then it evidently had a reserve on it so the seller made me a counter offer. I just kept declining them and he started to inch down in 50 dollar increments closer to my last ...

  • Hitchin Mitch  1 months ago

    Congrats on the new to her first car! That will be an awesome project for you two. When you started it up that second time, gotta admit it sounded like a flock of ducks. I will say my first thought is a pulley or the tensioner pulley. Simple and cheap repair, if that is the case. If you know anyone else looking to purchase another 6 series be sure to send them my way. I am also looking to sell mine, gotta make room for more projects. Nice video!

  • Hitchin Mitch  1 months ago

    @Epic Cars Thank you, I appreciate it! Yea, you've got some time to work on it, it sounds like. I never knew how nice the H3 interior was. Kinda reminds me of a landrover.

  • Epic Cars  1 months ago

    Will do Mitch. The guy coming to pick mine up Friday said he is looking for more. And yes, excited to work on a project with my daughter. Hopefully it’s a simple fix but if not, more time to spend working on with her. Thanks for watching!!