Gary Payton on Lonzo Ball's potential greatness, old tricks GP used against MJ | NBA | THE HERD

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 18, 2018
  • Joining Colin Cowherd on The Herd, Gary Payton gives his take on Lonzo Ball's role on the Los Angeles Lakers. Jumping back in time, Payton shares his most effective strategies against Michael Jordan.

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    Gary Payton on Lonzo Ball's potential greatness, old tricks GP used against MJ | NBA | THE HERD

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Does Lonzo Ball have the potential for NBA greatness?

  • Wynn Ahn
    Wynn Ahn  5 months ago

    I think lonzo has all the skills but he jus has no fire

  • Kendrick H. Rhee
    Kendrick H. Rhee  8 months ago

    GP unbiased af.... respect

  • More Skittles
    More Skittles  10 months ago

    if mike had off series he would have lost in the finals

  • J.B Cooper
    J.B Cooper  11 months ago

    Yea mj wasnt that good in double teams

  • 100 Grand
    100 Grand  a years ago

    The glove 🧤 defensive beast

  • Sam HW
    Sam HW  a years ago

    Why is Gary Paytom not a coach?

  • AvEryBadApPLe
    AvEryBadApPLe  a years ago

    Stop it. Ball, if his lucky enough, he will just be another Chris Whitney.

  • King Austin
    King Austin  a years ago

    What GP said is nothing but the truth. But when he said that Lonzo should be looking to score by lay ups and dunking rather than shooting threes, is a little unfair and it has nothing to do with GP. Luke Walton made and pressured the whole team shoot 3s. There’s even a clip of him saying “keep shooting 3s, even if they don’t go in, just keep shooting them”. So I feel like it’s not that Lonzo WANTS to shoot 3s, but rather he is told and pressured to. I can’t wait to see this new Laker roster. Lebron, Rondo and Lonzo, three really smart and high IQ ball players, I can’t even begin to think the plays they’ll make. And all the mesmerizing young players like BI, Kuz and Hart, the new rookies and even Lance and JaVale. The only part of the team I don’t feel comfortable with, is the coach. No disrespect to Luke, I just don’t see him being able to coach or “tame” this team. With so many high IQ players, and so many players that are known to be tough to coach, I just don’t see him lasting as the HC.

  • John Howe
    John Howe  a years ago

    He has above averageness NBA. If Rondo on his game and he and Lonzo compete for PG starter. Lonzo can't touch Rondo

  • Kimboah Dìave
    Kimboah Dìave  a years ago

    Lonzo should reach out to GP

  • Choco Thunder
    Choco Thunder  a years ago +1

    It is a luxury to have players play multiple position and defend; thus, the coach employs "switch everything"...switching on D is the easiest system to miscom, etc...that's why teams NOW build and get players that can play multiple position....

  • Damany Boyd
    Damany Boyd  a years ago

    Love Seattle

  • Jeric Aginensor
    Jeric Aginensor  a years ago

    basketball is not about scoring it is about over all play passing,rebounding,defense! TEAM PLAY..
    Lonzo will be nasty 3 to 5years from now. Lonzo is 20 years old ,kobe is not good at first season, there are too many greats that in the first season isnt good.

  • Kyle Hack
    Kyle Hack  a years ago

    Lonzo is just a taller Ricky Rubio. Very good passing, but Ben Simmons has better vision and is the best passer since since LeBron came in the league

  • Greg Thomas
    Greg Thomas  a years ago

    Yes people were afraid of Jordan but lot of people talked smack to him. Reggie Miller, Vernon Maxwell, tim hardaway, bird, AI, etc. I hate that narrative of everyone was afraid of Jordan. Argue all you want...

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen  a years ago

    The Glove looking like Mr. Mittens....Damn GP be eating real good food.

  • Muv.Nation II
    Muv.Nation II  a years ago +2

    Even if lonzo recieves hate at the end of the day he is good player and gary is right he needs an attacking mindset to take his game to another level cause he do anything else than attack tjats the beauty of lonzo he is a pure trip dub player and all rounder if he unlocks his attacking

  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V.  a years ago +2

    Love his take on guarding Jordan and how everyone switches now. I hate it. I blame the Warriors.

  • Kemuel Araujo
    Kemuel Araujo  a years ago

    Do not sleep on Lonzo. I believe that he can be a good pg that is capable of playing a good role to get his team wins. He will not carry a team, but i see him helping a lot in with a star by his side.