Golden State Warriors Championship Ring Ceremony | October 16, 2018

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 16, 2018
  • The Golden State Warriors were introduced and received their 2018 NBA championship rings before their opening night game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.Subscribe to the NBA: news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at NBA LEAGUE PASS:


  • hunid Hunid  8 months ago

    They set up westbrook they made him watch kd get his ring

  • NXTCHP FORME  2 months ago

    They are like kids with a new toy...warrior nation.. we are the champions...

  • samone meadows  4 months ago


  • Duran 55  12 days ago

    Raptors just won the title and this pops up on my recommended....YOUTUBE IS TAUNTING ME

  • Same

  • no golden state.all you ugly

  • Aplus_Nerd  8 months ago

    You have to admit KD looks way happier than he did in OKC.

  • Beta kid  1 months ago

    @Ø.G DeRrIcK nah, no one happy teaming up with lebron

  • xx xx  2 months ago

    You have to admit.. You just started watching sports last year

  • ECHO JULIET ANIEVAS  8 months ago

    For an equipment manager to be mentioned by Curry & The Warriors as part of their Ring Ceremony and success... That's what I call a Classy Team!

  • eric Mays  20 days ago

    ECHO JULIET ANIEVAS He get a ring anyway

  • For one second I thought the equipment manager was Joey Crawford and he was ban the whole team for winning

  • Japhy Baliguat  13 days ago

    Who's here after the Raptors won their first ever championship

  • Kyle Amor  2 days ago


  • Ava's World  4 days ago

    Sadly me

  • Ivars  8 months ago

    Where is J.R Smith ring ? He was clutch in Game 1

  • Ayoub Izzeldin  25 days ago

    Not in warriors psyco

  • Wong Sze Man  1 months ago

    Yes ! I think so ! Who can tell me the reason where is J.R. Smith ring ?

  • Aneeb Aneeb  4 months ago

    0:16 sounds like he was rapping with the beat

  • Rose Barclay  2 months ago

    Ay man bars folk

  • Knight Gamer797  3 months ago


  • Shut up  8 months ago

    I m still salty Steph didn't get finals MVP

  • RMM Films Vimo  20 days ago

    In 2015 he should have gotten it

  • Ryan Blaschke  1 months ago

    DG I think the NBA looks at the PPG stat, but I calculated it the night of Game 4 and found out that KD led the team in PPG, RPG, and APG.

  • Plz Subscribe  20 days ago

    NBA is a Savage durant is more happier in golden state then OKC👇🤔

  • Aliah Moore  8 days ago

    @_Sparkylikea _ I hate the Warriors

  • _Sparkylikea _  14 days ago

    Plz Subscribe Who wouldn’t it’s the fucking warriors

  • 614EXObby  1 months ago

    You know you're damn good when ur captain is the smallest but is the smartest leader in ur team :)

  • JSyat  3 days ago