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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • These life hacks are gallons of fun.
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  • BeastHacks
    BeastHacks  3 months ago +879

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  • Z's YT
    Z's YT  13 hours ago

    Whats battery made of?
    Learning with Chris
    "Im sure you can eat brains. "
    Zombie Apocalypse happens.

  • Ironic Formula
    Ironic Formula  yesterday


  • Odean Clarke
    Odean Clarke  2 days ago +1

    Who would crush perfectly good apples 🍎

  • Benjamin Platte
    Benjamin Platte  2 days ago

    Mjolnir (me-ol-neer) is what Thor's hammer is called

  • noahlemonman
    noahlemonman  4 days ago

    i'm a mr donut guy

  • catgrain animations

    what happend to rock paper scissors

  • Ian Puckett
    Ian Puckett  5 days ago


  • captain cra cra
    captain cra cra  7 days ago

    Thor's hammer's name is mjolnir

  • farming brother extra

    Thor's hammer is called mojner

  • jake hickman
    jake hickman  7 days ago

    Mjölnir is hammer's Thor

  • keyji
    keyji  7 days ago

    ye u would have brain damage like chris

  • DiGi
    DiGi  14 days ago

    Chris: Why’d they make the piggy yellow?

    Me: because it has jaundice Chris

  • film maker
    film maker  14 days ago

    mjolnir (thors hammer) is pronounced me-ol-nee-er

  • Sandra Schreider
    Sandra Schreider  14 days ago


  • Luka Nucubidze
    Luka Nucubidze  14 days ago

    You pronounce mjölnir like mnionlir

  • Dumbo Kappa
    Dumbo Kappa  14 days ago

    Duck doughnuts = most epic doughnuts . no 🧢

  • Breandan Woods
    Breandan Woods  14 days ago

    Duck donuts is actually fire

  • weird things
    weird things  14 days ago +1

    10:16 apple pie for days

  • Bandit Swag
    Bandit Swag  14 days ago

    The pig’s from Area 51