Grammy Fashion Hits & Misses

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 11, 2019
  • Sherri Shepherd sits down with Wendy's Style Squad to get their take on the fashion hits and misses from the Grammy Awards.

    From Jennifer Lopez's hat to Katy Perry's look, find out which looks were hot and which ones were not!
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  • Vienna Enos
    Vienna Enos  a months ago

    Millennials don't work 9-5? Maybe it's because many of us actually work 10-18 hour days, 5 or more days a week, with side hustles, and are trying to afford climbing rent prices with mountains of student debt.

  • April 🥀Rose
    April 🥀Rose  5 months ago

    Kylie looks like Patrick Star in that outfit.

  • Lioness Molly
    Lioness Molly  5 months ago

    Cardi !!!!

  • See Lo
    See Lo  6 months ago

    Cardi B - Memorable.
    Kylie Jenner - Psych Ward
    JLo - The hat has to go. Need a little split.
    Lady Gaga - Wow, gorgeous.
    Katy Perry - Miss.
    Monay (don't know how to spell her name) - Miss.
    Dolly - Hit.

  • Kammii Kaze
    Kammii Kaze  6 months ago

    Not fair Sherri 😂😂 I’m a millennial and I know that song and I work 😂😂 you’re funny

  • Norma Guzman
    Norma Guzman  6 months ago

    I LOVED what Kylie wore. It was on the CIRCUMFERENCE OF FASHION, She looked Beautiful FASHION FORWARD. People judged her look I think theyre not ready for MIND BLOWING FASHION. FASHION THAT IS RIGHT ON TIME WITH THE SIGNS OF OUR TIME. If what you saw was displeasing, Then GOOD!....GOOD this was a flag of something this APPARATUS reminded us of. IT IS JUDGEMENT. How can SOCIETY move forward with such JUDGEMENT comparing it so negatively. KYLIE was Brave to Wear it. MADNESS DONE RIGHT!!!

  • walter harris
    walter harris  6 months ago

    Fuk saying why that dress.heshe die. Cardi look gorgeous on red carpet, you go girl. cardi🐝hive❤️Her dress.

  • DogHouse
    DogHouse  7 months ago

    She looks like she coming out Virginia lol.

  • Internet Resident
    Internet Resident  7 months ago

    Actually, it's true that millennials don't understand what working 9-5 means, because they work around the clock. 8 hour work days hardly exist anymore. I work about a minimum of 12 hours a day in an entry level corporate job.

  • Silvia Boateng
    Silvia Boateng  7 months ago

    Love kylie

  • That Bitch From Target

    😂😂😂 wtf they all judging like we actually know who they are...

    HANNAH BYRD  7 months ago +1

    Famous tv show host’s really know about real life working 10+ hours to day for nothing basically with student loans, car payments, and rent...Pfft.

  • Lashon Hunter
    Lashon Hunter  7 months ago

    All them sellouts Katy Perry is a damn cannibal next

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore  7 months ago

    Lady GaGa - Do your roots!

  • Alex m
    Alex m  7 months ago

    I guess they never miss uh

  • Mari07ARMY :3
    Mari07ARMY :3  7 months ago

    You guys racist -.-

    BANGTAN GURL  7 months ago +2

    Hit or miss

    I guess they never miss huh

  • Loretta Rusakpenfergast

    Well hello I just believe that you with your body type you couldn't wear this dress and you need a new career you are too critical get out of you business you mouth opens up too much bad personaitly get out of this business and shut your bigmouth

  • Miami Miami
    Miami Miami  7 months ago

    I love her. I remember in the episode in FRIENDS when she played the role of Ronda

  • Forrest Abe
    Forrest Abe  7 months ago

    im a millennial I do work very hard. I also love the Dolly's music btw