Grammy Fashion Hits & Misses

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 11, 2019
  • Sherri Shepherd sits down with Wendy's Style Squad to get their take on the fashion hits and misses from the Grammy Awards.From Jennifer Lopez's hat to Katy Perry's look, find out which looks were hot and which ones were not!_Follow WendySee it first. See it now. Only at https://www.WendyShow.com


  • Lovie Moon
    Lovie Moon  6 months ago +953

    I miss Joan Rivers right about now

  • L.B.M
    L.B.M  6 months ago +399

    WHAT?!! is it me or anyone else noticed, these 2 bald guys are like wearing each other's swapped top & bottoms??? haha LOL....

  • Left Out Of The Conversation

    Millenials dont work at all? 🙄I work 16 hr shifts in healthcare.

  • Lily Pad
    Lily Pad  6 months ago +99

    This reminds me of the hunger games

  • Mr. Tattoo ASMR
    Mr. Tattoo ASMR  6 months ago +110

    Kylie looking like a wet cat stuck in a plastic bag.

  • Gigi Ghalichi
    Gigi Ghalichi  6 months ago +1385

    Well she doesn't have a young body she has a new body I'm dead 😂 😂 😂

  • Lesley D
    Lesley D  6 months ago +230

    The Millennial comment at the end 🙄🙄. I think ppl forget Millennials are now in our early to mid thirties. Work jobs 50+ hours a week with loads of student debt and can barely afford to buy a house in the economy. I'm such a killjoy lol.

  • Goddess ByNature
    Goddess ByNature  6 months ago +557

    Wendy, you in danger girl!

  • Suzanne Melbourne
    Suzanne Melbourne  6 months ago +108

    I know most of the people are trying to stand out but they just end up looking ridiculous in the process

  • marcus latino
    marcus latino  6 months ago +138

    Is funny all this 4 clowns talking about fashion 😂😂 and see how all are dressed 😂😂😂😂

  • nawal10
    nawal10  6 months ago +1043

    Daaamn they shaded Kylie sooo badly lol

  • Sann :P
    Sann :P  6 months ago +56

    Don't you just love it when a bunch of nobodies tells a bunch of other nobodies their opinions about things like that?
    Who cares?

  • Yolanda Reyes
    Yolanda Reyes  6 months ago +253

    Lmaoooo said Kylie was rocking a straight jacket 😂

  • strawberryloli
    strawberryloli  6 months ago +115

    Why was Kylie even at the Grammys she ain't no musical artist 🙄

  • Aryn Min
    Aryn Min  6 months ago +28

    Cardi’s dress makes me think two ways. She looks AMAZING in it but she also looks like a clam 😂😂

  • kufo oriji
    kufo oriji  6 months ago +881

    Kylie look like she wrapped in toilet paper. Period!

  • Willow Taylor-Parry
    Willow Taylor-Parry  6 months ago +18

    "Millennials don't work at all"
    HAHAHAHA. That's cute. Me and my friends out here with full time jobs but still living in our parents houses because we can't afford to rent.

  • sage eridani
    sage eridani  6 months ago +87

    Kylie got on the floor and rolled around in fabric and then got up and went to the Grammys. 😂😂😂😂

  • Allison Halpin
    Allison Halpin  6 months ago +15

    "Doing dishes in an insane asylum." LMAO, yep, that just about sums it up.

  • Gresa Bela
    Gresa Bela  6 months ago +16

    Yea most millennials don’t work 9 to 5’s. They work longer than that. Lots of millennials are in their mid-thirties so stop the stereotypes.