Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 29, 2018
  • Neither party is perfect, but Republicans in Congress have been drifting towards political extremism since long before Trump, and they’re making it impossible for Congress to work the way it’s supposed to.

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    Over the past few decades, both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have moved away from the center. But the Republican Party has moved towards the extreme much more quickly -- a trend that political scientists’ call “asymmetrical polarization.”

    That asymmetry poses a major obstacle in American politics. As Republicans have become more ideological, they’ve also become less willing to work with Democrats: filibustering Democratic legislation, refusing to consider Democratic appointees, and even shutting down the government in order to force Democrats to give in to their demands.

    Democrats have responded in turn, becoming more obstructionist as Republican demands become more extreme.

    And that’s made it really easy for media outlets to blame “both sides” for political gridlock. As political scientists Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein explain in their book “It’s Even Worse Than It Looks,” journalists feel a pressure to remain neutral when covering big political fights. So politics coverage has been dominated by the myth that both parties are equally to blame for the gridlock in DC.

    But they’re not. And the only way to stop Republicans in Congress from continuing their drift towards the extreme is to be brutally honest about who’s responsible for breaking our politics.

    Read more of Ornstein and Mann’s work here:

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  • Prince of Akavir
    Prince of Akavir  4 hours ago

    If anything Democrats broke in politics because they still won’t except that Trump won the 2016 election, after rioting in the streets, crying on TV, threatening to blow up the White House, multiple failed investigations, now knowing that they won’t win 2020 they have to try to impeach him to have a chance, THATS THE REAL STORY VOX!!!!

  • Prince of Akavir
    Prince of Akavir  4 hours ago

    Not even 20 seconds in! and you guys have already lost credibility, the Democrats have become way more radical than the Republicans, literally all the 2020 candidates have some form of socialism, like banning all guns, raising taxes, sending jobs overseas, Medicare for all, the green new deal, taking away the first amendment, and news censorship to name a few

  • Limubi1
    Limubi1  9 hours ago

    Poor Norms... they're just being violated left, right and centre.

  • William Purvis
    William Purvis  yesterday

    Very ironic considering today’s Democrat party who literally are turning into the enemy we fought almost 40 years ago
    Change my mind I can not wait

  • I'm a Professional
    I'm a Professional  yesterday +3

    The Democrats are the extremists these days not the Republicans most people on the right just want to be left alone

  • Chirag Patil
    Chirag Patil  yesterday


  • Mr Yusuf
    Mr Yusuf  yesterday +1

    Vote far up vote for richness and make america proud, make it a paradise not greedy just free electric cars and rvs to the people

  • P. Adamson
    P. Adamson  2 days ago

    You need to RERUN your formula!

  • Brian Gale
    Brian Gale  2 days ago +3

    His argument that republicans have become more extreme lacks supporting evidence.

  • Brian Gale
    Brian Gale  2 days ago +1 this guy is saying the democrats have not become more extreme? What is the culture shift to socialism then....?

  • Chadimous
    Chadimous  3 days ago

    Love the video,
    and your glasses 😉

  • Hm Productions
    Hm Productions  3 days ago

    How do we define extreme?

  • Patrick Pearson
    Patrick Pearson  3 days ago

    I would've voted for Gary Johnson.

  • Patrick Pearson
    Patrick Pearson  3 days ago +1

    Both parties do the same thing to each other.

  • voskresene
    voskresene  3 days ago

    This video is a textbook case of the pot calling the kettle black. In fact, you could go over to Urban Dictionary and just submit this video as a definition and no further explanation of what the idiomatic expression means would be needed.

  • NASA - Astronomer and Astronaut

    This is why I live in Europe

  • John Smith
    John Smith  4 days ago +1

    What? Both parties have moved to the Left.

    Does VOX even pay attention

  • Aiden LG The True Nerd

    I will say as I write this I am Conservative. But I notice from trying to be an objective viewer that there a lot of empty claims made that are not backed up by evidence and what appears to be a lot of editing out of context of Republican leaders.

  • 2001Canes BestEver

    The Right went full Facism. You never go full facism.

  • Southern Man
    Southern Man  5 days ago

    I’m thinking the other way around . Democrats have moved out of the country. They spend more time helping and taking care of immigrants than American people. Democrats are not for this country. They want a socialist country. They want the rich paying for the lazy.