Will China stop Hong Kong's protests?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • China has warned it might be losing patience with what it calls a 'colour revolution' in Hong Kong.It's said those who play with fire must not mistake Beijing's restraint for weakness - they will eventually be punished.A few days after that warning, protesters were back on the streets for the tenth straight weekend. They've defied a police ban on some of the marches, and again faced teargas. Activists have also staged a protest at the international airport, to make arriving tourists aware of their campaign.Protesters want chief executive leader Carrie Lam to resign, greater democratic reform and an inquiry into alleged police violence.But Lam says her priority is to stop the unrest, that she says has hurt the city's economy.What options does China have, to deal with anger in Hong Kong?And is a military intervention possible?Presenter: Mohamed JamjoomGuestsTom Grundy, Editor-in-Chief and founder of Hong Kong Free PressEinar Tangen, China Political Analyst and Advises the Chinese government on economic and development issues.Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute at SOAS University of London.Subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/AJSubscribeFollow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/AJEnglishFind us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/aljazeeraCheck our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/#Aljazeeraenglish#News#InsideStory#HongKong#China


  • Colin Yuan
    Colin Yuan  5 days ago +7

    i'm thinking how Al Jazeera reported the protests in Qatar a few years ago? or just no reports?

  • hetabattousai
    hetabattousai  7 days ago +368

    Just look at how the French crack down at their protectors before making any comments about Hong Kong.

  • patawoonie
    patawoonie  7 days ago +46

    Al Jazeera, you are doing CNN jobs now

  • nir kumar
    nir kumar  3 days ago +15

    Hk protestors shouldn’t carry Uk 🇬🇧 and USA 🇺🇸 flags !
    They should fight with HK flag.

  • thegreendestiny
    thegreendestiny  7 days ago +175

    Lol no. China is conveniently letting Hong Kong slowly die. When the dusts have settle down, Hong Kong will be a minor Chinese city under the shadows of Shenzhen.

  • B K Lau
    B K Lau  3 days ago +7

    What political party in any country will tolerate riots aimed at unseating ruling party?

  • Kevin Yong
    Kevin Yong  7 days ago +145

    Lets the chaos continue, it will divide into 2 forces..........black shirt VS ordinary citizen. The ordinary citizen anger not at boiling point yet

  • Maellys Qin
    Maellys Qin  23 hours ago +1

    Democracy doesn't work in HK either. their message is this: My freedom is not allow you to disagree.... People like Tom is the black hand behind of those rioters.

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson  yesterday

    3:08 "Sending in the people's liberation army" - I bet the protesters will feel liberated when they arrive...

  • Rene Gonza
    Rene Gonza  8 hours ago

    Tsinese military should be neutral on hongkong instead disband their corrupt communist party , govern the country and hold free elections for new leaders that will govern their country

  • Drago Varsas
    Drago Varsas  11 hours ago

    It's a color revolution organized 2 years ago in Norway.

  • Fred Coffee
    Fred Coffee  7 days ago +167

    😂I think China is really patient...

  • Sebastian Harja
    Sebastian Harja  7 days ago +35

    The british cant even finish brexit, they wanna talk about HK?

  • nick Ngunjiri
    nick Ngunjiri  7 days ago +105

    Actually in France it took months, no big deal.

  • Will Ng
    Will Ng  2 days ago

    Steve Tsang talks out of his backside when there are overwhelming evidence US UK are involved

  • Maellys Qin
    Maellys Qin  23 hours ago

    Tom: can you see they are like ISIS?

  • LC LC
    LC LC  2 days ago

    These Governments forget they serve the citizens ...give the people wat they want... it’s been proven in numbers that the ppl know exactly wat they want...GIVE THE PPL WHAT THEY WANT....

  • Fangting Zhu
    Fangting Zhu  3 days ago +9

    To be honest, mainland used to think HK and TW are good to follow, but now they are the very good NEGATIVE examples of democracy for mainlanders, people doubted the reign by CCP, but now the most majority of us, 1.4 billion of us will never ever accept any democracy as in HK and TW, meanwhile I only saw that people are supporting the central government more and more, and voicing to stay stronger than ever!

  • LC LC
    LC LC  2 days ago

    China Government advisor underestimate the citizens.... goes to show you how Government officials think less of the capabilities of the citizens ...these Government officials throughout the world really think citizens are ignorant .... I truly believe tht the ppl are coming together and supporting eachother...

  • Smoked Robot Pâté

    Wonderful reporting.
    Real News.