Northern lights: what they don't tell, but you need to know!

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 26, 2018
  • The northern lights are amazing but what you see on a picture isn't the same like what you see with the naked eye. This video gives an explanation about the four stages you can experience seeing the aurora borealis.


  • Antidote
    Antidote  9 hours ago

    all is true

  • lopamudra arjun
    lopamudra arjun  2 days ago

    Is it visible from Sweden

  • Raymond Barnard
    Raymond Barnard  5 days ago

    You are so wrong!
    I'm Malaysian but stay in Arctic Circle, just your don't have luck! I saw green, purple, pink, Red and blue by eye!

  • Gazza 29
    Gazza 29  6 days ago

    A free show from Mother Nature.

  • swaroop naik
    swaroop naik  6 days ago +2

    They look even better when you watch being high on weed!! BTW is weed legal in Norway??

  • Bill and Mintje
    Bill and Mintje  7 days ago +2

    It is so beautiful...wish we could see it someday.

  • Emerald Paradosophia

    Do you know the secret of de aurora? It comes from the black sun inner earth ,=heart same letters . Emerald green is the heartspace just as in your body . .much love xxx

  • Scott P
    Scott P  7 days ago +1

    I just seen the northern lights just now! I was disappointed at first because you can’t see it on naked eye then as we are on our way home the northern lights showed as what we see in the videos!! I was stunned! It was so amazing!

  • Maicol X777
    Maicol X777  7 days ago

    Finally someone told the truth lol

  • Tsismosong Pusa
    Tsismosong Pusa  7 days ago +2

    Northern Lights is soo beautiful.. I wish to be there someday 🌹♥️🍃🍂 ~rur~

  • ken
    ken  7 days ago +3

    live in southern vermont usa, about 12 years ago, i got too see an explosive show, red overhead with spokes like on a wheel, was truly awesome, seen a lot of northern lights up here in last 24 years, but mostly weaker displays, the one that was red was seen as far south as texas, !! clear skies:), p.s , it takes a lot of time and patience when trying too see the northern lights, years too finally see that big one!!

  • Paul van Dijk
    Paul van Dijk  7 days ago

    This guy hat got the right equipment for making real time registrations: 
    As you can see, his clips are realtime and not sped up slide shows.

    As a matter of fact: the following clip is real time as well:
    Sure, I admit that generally people speed up their recordings, just to make thing fancier than it is. Nevertheless, there are acceptable clips op YT as long as you know how to validate their real time claim.

  • Salokym x
    Salokym x  14 days ago +1

    I live in iceland. Its sow big like at the videos

  • OOups kitty
    OOups kitty  14 days ago +4

    When I flew from Canada back to Europe I flew right through the Northen Lights. We were flighing at night. I was almost asleep but woke up because I saw some green lights. To my surprise it were the real Northern Lights. Suddenly all the passengers were awake & enjoyed this 'show'. I went for 6months to Canada (close to the border of Alaska) but never actually saw the Northern Lights. This was the best flight ever. 🙀😻 🌌

  • lady violet
    lady violet  14 days ago +8

    This si the only true video about northern light so far... i agree with you. I saw it in iceland

  • Joe Lim
    Joe Lim  21 days ago

    Hi can we see northern light with our eyes?

  • Isa
    Isa  21 days ago +1

    I saw it during my vacation in Iceland. It was beautiful, but indeed different!

  • wisskier
    wisskier  21 days ago

    I was out fishing in Northern WI, it was still fairly bright out and I saw the northern lights. I was really excited expecting an intense display when it got dark, but nothing.

  • Matt Kwiecien
    Matt Kwiecien  21 days ago +7

    Edmonton Alberta Canada' has northern lights

  • Reva Walker
    Reva Walker  21 days ago

    Thank you. It was my dream to see these. Lol. So ty for being honest.