Southampton v. Cardiff City | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/9/19 | NBC Sports

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019


  • Brayham Cisneros  5 months ago

    I really hope that sala’s memory can inspire cardiff to a good season end

  • Aged P  5 months ago

    Emotional day for Cardiff for sure. Hope both of these teams manage to avoid the drop.

  • Best Minecraft King  5 months ago

    Aged P Cardiff should be fine idk about Southampton tho.

  • Sebstine Nyanumba  5 months ago

    I hope Cardiff stays in the pl

  • They're in 15th its good

  • AI Youngboy  5 months ago

    The only team I think for sure will be relegated is Huddersfield. The other teams all have fight in them and it’s up in the air all the way I’d say

  • Captain Obvious  5 months ago

    Dank Goodness yeah, I like Fulham but there’s no way they’re staying up. I’m hoping it’ll be Huddersfield, Southampton and Burnley

  • LM10 GOAT  5 months ago

    Also Fulham

  • John Eminah  5 months ago

    Very happy for Neil Warnock. For some reason I just love him because of his childish enthusiasm and love for the game despite his fiery temper. He actually looks very good for someone over 70 years.😊😄

  • Dino Dino  5 months ago

    Niel Warnock is having a grand ole time

  • Manuel Zamora  5 months ago

    RIP Emiliano Sala

  • Mlbon Fox  5 months ago

    Worst highlights today

  • The r0sed Revolver  5 months ago

    @drsnowmon umm ion think you should be saying that you aint better than them and be respectful at least this season

  • drsnowmon  5 months ago

    Yeah I know Cardiff deserves to get relegated, they're awful

  • Joseantonio Garcia  5 months ago

    That poor grey haired steward, he’s trying his heart out but all the younger ones don’t give two shits

  • Kevin Claros  5 months ago

    @Blake Brennan he's a Southampton supporter😂

  • Blake Brennan  5 months ago

    I don't see why he cares so much