Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton Teach Kentucky and Aussie Slang | Vanity Fair

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 2, 2018
  • Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton teach each other slang words from their respective birthplaces, Kentucky and Australia. Jennifer and Joel star in "Red Sparrow," in theaters on March 2nd.

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    Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton Teach Kentucky and Aussie Slang | Vanity Fair


  • Colin Scanlon
    Colin Scanlon  2 hours ago

    2:33 Just a personal time stamp

  • Tasty Not tasty
    Tasty Not tasty  9 hours ago

    Hot brown, you know what that is =)

  • ahyaan syed
    ahyaan syed  17 hours ago

    We're is noga

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez  yesterday

    I’m gonna use crack a fat idk for what but imma use it 😂

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen  2 days ago +1

    Starring Justin Timberlake as Ron Swanson

  • MassiveConspiracy AgainstHumanLife

    0:09: Me neither...

  • Penny Grimm
    Penny Grimm  3 days ago

    Wow. Just like STL. If the lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise. Lol

  • BigDaddyJinx
    BigDaddyJinx  5 days ago +2

    Toboggan = curved wooden sled to cruise down a hill of snow and/or ice while screaming your hairs out and freaking out the fam.

    Toboggan =/= Hat

  • Mark X
    Mark X  6 days ago

    Jen is hilarious 😍

  • CuChulainnwd
    CuChulainnwd  7 days ago

    Toboggan is a sled, a Toque is snow hat. Numpty.

  • Anagram Confirmed

    How brown: WRONG.

  • Multiplicity
    Multiplicity  7 days ago

    hot brown...... are u f serious, i can't

  • BigPoppaAZ
    BigPoppaAZ  7 days ago +1

    FuqU JLAW a hot brown is awesomeness! Embrace your heritage, enjoy it, and Recognize it for for the TOTAL BS IT IS!

  • J Kay
    J Kay  7 days ago +2

    I'm australian and Ive never heard of "liquid laugh" before, it doesn't sound like aussie slang to me it just sounds gross lmao

  • Emily2618
    Emily2618  7 days ago

    I live 40 miles north of Louisville and I can tell you I've never, ever, not on e in my life heard anyone say someone's "wig is a little loose" unless they were referring to an actual wig.

  • myfeee
    myfeee  14 days ago

    Her wig is super loose, WTF happened to you ???

  • myfeee
    myfeee  14 days ago

    She is an idiot

  • kurtis creech
    kurtis creech  14 days ago

    I’ve lived in Kentucky for 24 years and I’ve never heard half of that

  • rng8891
    rng8891  14 days ago

    I went to Maker Fair Louisville last weekend. I met a guy who said he would like to introduce me to his wife and his sister. I told him there's only one woman standing next to you. He said "Are you trying to say something ?".........................................................................................I don't get it ?????? Married his sister chuckle head.............

  • Steve Struthers
    Steve Struthers  14 days ago

    I'm Canadian and didn't get many of the Kentucky expressions - although I've long known what 'yonder', and 'Good Lord willin' and the Creek don't rise' means. Most of the Australian expressions I didn't get either, but here in Canada, the expression 'ankle biter' has been around forever and most Canadians who were born, say before 1975, know what a 'tall poppy' is. And of course, we use the word 'toboggan' in its traditional, most widely accepted sense.