Here's Why the 2018 Volkswagen Golf R Is Better Than its Rivals

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • GO READ MY COLUMN! TO KARTBOY! 2018 Volkswagen Golf R is a great hot hatchback -- and it's better than its rivals. Today I'm reviewing a Golf R, and I'm going to show you why the VW Golf R is such a great car.FOLLOW ME!Facebook - - - CHART:


  • Doug DeMuro  11 months ago

    I hope you enjoy my parking sensor song ;)

  • Yves.F Ishimwe  17 days ago

    Hey, Link me the Volkswagen Touareg, Tiguan or Atlas. I did not find any in your playlist

  • no bs  29 days ago

    We love you Douglas demuro 👍👍

  • Dream Chaser  11 months ago

    doug the typa guy to hit 2mill subs and still manage to look homeless

  • Zlatni Ljiljan  29 days ago

    Update***: nearly 3 Million now

  • amir nikdel  1 months ago

    very funny

  • Conscious Robot  7 months ago

    When Doug returns cars, I wonder if people are ever annoyed that all their settings have been changed.

  • Nicholas Nissen  1 months ago

    God damn it

  • Conscious Robot  2 months ago

    @Pierre Layden yes, that thought did occur to me

  • Luis Vazquez  8 months ago

    Doug the type of dude to wear his emergency rain poncho when it’s not even raining...

  • George L  1 months ago

    @George L Cash is king bruh

  • George L  1 months ago

    George Lappat You know, in the US everyone gives their credit cards to servers.

  • Kort Kramer  6 months ago

    "That'll make up for cheating the EPA and lying about your emissions." LOL!

  • Daniel 00  11 days ago

    That's tough

  • ganto77  21 days ago

    People fail to see that was political economy move, on US part. Everybody lies about the emissions, US being the biggest liars.

  • Bob Vegana  1 months ago

    Doug the type of guy to have his toaster serviced by an authorised representative annually

  • NorthAmerican Auto  11 months ago

    *Doug the type of guy to put out good quality content and inform us about cars currently on the market*

  • greg black  2 months ago

    Boot licker

  • Walther PPX  4 months ago

    And he looks and sounds a lot like a young Steve Martin...

  • Ryan Holt  9 months ago're like 8' tall. Of course you don't fit in the back seat. Honest I have owned 2 MK6 GTIs and the back seat is really roomy for non giants.

  • Tor Arne Svingen  2 days ago

    @Charles Magic I feel sorry for you. In a few years the EV's will be all you can get!

  • Charles Magic  2 days ago

    Tor Arne Svingen I hate EVs

  • Botond Hunyady  4 months ago

    The Lamborghini huracan is jealous of those hexagons.

  • kevin mucyo  5 days ago

    Well Volkswagen owns Lamborghini soo

  • Ciaran C  3 months ago

    It's basically the VW Huracan

  • Trinidad Cardona  9 months ago

    mad tight will always be an appropriate term sir.

  • RuffBuff716  3 months ago

    Trinidad Cardona right

  • Jordan Fournier  5 months ago

    Trinidad Cardona didn’t expect to see you here lol, 👽