Here's Why the 2018 Volkswagen Golf R Is Better Than its Rivals

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018


    The 2018 Volkswagen Golf R is a great hot hatchback -- and it's better than its rivals. Today I'm reviewing a Golf R, and I'm going to show you why the VW Golf R is such a great car.

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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  2 months ago +2464

    I hope you enjoy my parking sensor song ;)

  • z anthony
    z anthony  4 hours ago

    every Golf R I've seen blows black smoke new or old. no way

  • Worthy107 be23
    Worthy107 be23  4 hours ago

    $42,000 and another $1,500 in options? when I can get a new fully loaded four wheel drive Ford Fusion Sport for less?

  • steven kutschat
    steven kutschat  7 hours ago

    Why isn't this car on your doug score worksheet?

  • Jaybee
    Jaybee  7 hours ago

    It's only better than its rivals because you can get one with the proper amount of doors (2), change my mind.

  • A!V3n . .
    A!V3n . .  8 hours ago

    Arco isn't same gas as chevron, ask real studies, You asked "chemical experts" not the engineers of VW or that even Ford has explained not just of gimmicky additives, some of us have to keep a vehicle for +5 years . .

  • Jakob Eriksson
    Jakob Eriksson  9 hours ago

    The camera mechanism is a 100+ year old construction that costs about 50 cents to develope and manufacture for this car. We landed on the moon decades ago, get in the game for gods sake and drop the sorcery act.

  • QooleeKid1
    QooleeKid1  9 hours ago

    Miramar road!

  • Amir Rotem
    Amir Rotem  12 hours ago +1

    It should be pronounced Folksvagen

  • Glow in the Dark
    Glow in the Dark  14 hours ago

    Just noticed how much you sound like Sheldon😂

  • Glow in the Dark
    Glow in the Dark  14 hours ago

    Just noticed how much you sound like Sheldon😂

  • invisibleaznDJ
    invisibleaznDJ  16 hours ago

    Laggy ass screen.... lmfao move finger left, .5 secnods later slide bar moves. Nice car, to bad it has a dual clutch instead of a manual.

  • Rafik b
    Rafik b  yesterday


  • Sergiu Puscasu
    Sergiu Puscasu  2 days ago

    Obviously the Audi RS3 is better than the other 4 hot hatches and hot sedan. It’s a luxury car from a luxury car brand. You can’t compare them.

  • Sergiu Puscasu
    Sergiu Puscasu  2 days ago

    The Golf R and Civic Type R both have 2.0 liter engines, but the Golf has almost 10 more liters in fuel capacity than the Civic. Whaaaat? And hoooow?! And whyyyy?!

  • Jeremy Hedlind
    Jeremy Hedlind  2 days ago

    Cargo and the roadside assistance kits are dealer options

  • fejic
    fejic  3 days ago

    Doug is so crazy about owner manuals

  • The Stigs Swedish Cousin

    He doesn’t even mention the dead steering and no road feel

  • Jose Guerrero
    Jose Guerrero  3 days ago

    The hexagons on the steering wheel are in reference to the dimples in a golf ball.

  • Jimmy Jam
    Jimmy Jam  3 days ago

    I will never understand why Dougs videos get so many dislikes. Yes this video has a very minor dislike ratio, but some of his vids have like 50% dislike ratios for no real reason.