Ravens Report: Heading North for an AFC Battle

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 6, 2019
  • Hear from Head Coach John Harbaugh and Hayden Hurst and see the work the Ravens are doing in the community to help kids this holiday season.

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  • Baptise Muhammad
    Baptise Muhammad  1 months ago

    They knew Lamar Jackson was going to be great from the beginning, from the start High School to college . They just didn't want to pay him top dollar for his Phenomenal talent , so they pick him in the 32nd draft...They had their eye on him whole time. They knew that the others teams were not going to pick him because the league is bias when it comes to Black QB's. Some will they know exactly what they was doing. There are an a lot of political politics in sports and if you're not paying attention you can be easily misled !!! They really tried to discourage Lamar Jackson from the Quarterback position by telling him to change positions , this is a dirty world!!!!

  • New World Grover
    New World Grover  1 months ago

    Um, the reporter is...very, um statuesque. I'll leave it righ there.

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg  1 months ago

    Wow!!! Pretty woman.

  • Spooky 392
    Spooky 392  1 months ago

    What a dime

  • Christian Backmon
    Christian Backmon  1 months ago

    Best tight end core in the NFL!!

  • Casey Freels
    Casey Freels  1 months ago +1

    12:30 Damn Erin 😍

  • Infiltrated Soul
    Infiltrated Soul  1 months ago

    Fucking love all the hipsworth comments lol

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent  1 months ago

    Buffalo wins easily. Yep

  • Lon Landis
    Lon Landis  1 months ago

    Well-produced Ravens Productions report!!

  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo Blanco  1 months ago +1

    I'll be at the game.

    Bills fans are talking so much shit it's wild.

    All they can do is bring up our browns loss when they haven't beaten a single good team.

    Can't wait for tomorrow

  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo Blanco  1 months ago

    Please resign Judon. He's my favorite character lol

    He's just funny as hell

  • Damien Enzo
    Damien Enzo  1 months ago

    Erin fine & thick as hell!

  • RuDy Bmore
    RuDy Bmore  1 months ago


  • XpertSam
    XpertSam  1 months ago

    I like how this page barley had 50,000 subscribers but now almost has 100,000

  • Walter Brown
    Walter Brown  1 months ago

    # Ravens - STRONG 💪 don't Over look The Bills they Went to Dallas and beat them boys Don't let Down . Defense don't you let down Sunday be Focus for all 4 quarters like the Ravens did in Seattle and got a win ! Then After the Win let's take a little 💅 slip of Raven- Aid and congratulate the Ravens on a clinching a playoff or both winning the AFC North Division !

  • Kyle Waltman
    Kyle Waltman  1 months ago +1

    Damn I’m watching this every week now...sup Erin

  • Ave
    Ave  1 months ago

    Lol when kid said PS4 Brandon carr was like errr 200 aint enough for that

  • Leroy Worsley
    Leroy Worsley  1 months ago +1

    Big Trust!

  • Leroy Worsley
    Leroy Worsley  1 months ago +1

    No one cares, Work Harder!

  • Leroy Worsley
    Leroy Worsley  1 months ago

    Legatron aka Justin Tucker is Awesome!