Binging with Babish: The Wire Special

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 26, 2017
  • The Wire, when it's not mercilessly killing off characters you've come to love and care about, is a showcase of Baltimore junk food specialities. Lake trout, pit beef, eggs cracked into beers - come for the gritty and heartbreaking depictions of heroin addicts and inner city grade schoolers, stay for the eats!Music: "Heart Ache" by Broke for Free Podcasts: With Babish Website: With Babish Website:


  • Ehab Shanan  1 years ago

    One of these days you'll make an episode about how to make The Blue Meth from Breaking Bad. I'm waiting.

  • anonymous human  4 months ago

    And he actually did it

  • WarbornIV  9 months ago

    Ehab Shanan q. C

  • Jeannine Thompson  1 years ago

    Totally late to the upload, but I did want to note that I actually made the pit beef. I've been trying to expand what I cook, and deviate from the rut I've found ourselves in (thanks to having to budget like crazy) I found a bottom round roast on sale, and followed the recipe here. (Sans horseradish) It was life changing. Even my kids went for seconds, and one went for thirds! So, uhm...thank you, for this. Seriously, thank you. It was a highlight of my weekend to make an amazingly tasty dish, and it...

  • Bailey Palmer  20 hours ago

    Some guy On the internet look why are you treating people like this?

  • Fuck you

  • Ruby Nava  1 years ago

    Make the Teletubbies “tubby custard” I’ve always wondered what it tasted like or how it would be made. My life would be complete if you make video on the tubby custard

  • Angry Irishman  2 days ago


  • Kurly Kayla  19 days ago

    I always fancied it taste like strawberry banana smoothies.

  • Mateo Baeza  1 years ago

    Do the best burger in NYC from How I Met Your Mother

  • I'd love to see that too

  • Forcx  1 years ago

    “You can cook your meat any way you like but if you cook it more than this you are incorrect”

  • freeisalwaysme  12 hours ago

    Whatever, I don't take 30 minutes to chew a sandwich

  • UnPhayzable  1 years ago

    When are you making *The Glass of Water* from every TV show?

  • Mike Hunt  11 days ago

    Hey look its the guy with like bots

  • The Creeper King  1 months ago

    *_How to distill, purify, and mineralize water and the plastic bottle_*

  • Rosalina perez  1 years ago

    Make food from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs!!! (The book) 😂😃

  • And now there’s a sequel

  • John Smith  1 months ago

    Ill show you meatballs

  • Emily K  1 years ago

    ooooo please do gumbo or beignets from princess and the frog!! or both!! :)

  • That mushroom gumbo in a pumpkin looked good I wanna know if it tasted good

  • Robert Adams  11 months ago

    Well, now your prayers are half answered.

  • Mad Flavour  a months ago

    "kind of inferior season 2".I thought that the first time I watched it because the cast switch was so jarring. Upon repeated viewing season two is the best season.

  • JoeyDangerously  23 days ago

    Best season? I wouldn't say all that. But definitely above season 5.

  • Lee Dodds  11 months ago

    Natty boh should've been the beer you drank. It's Baltimore in a can.

  • Ashley Stone  4 months ago

    Couldn’t agree more

  • Mikey TK  4 months ago