Binging with Babish: The Wire Special

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 26, 2017
  • The Wire, when it's not mercilessly killing off characters you've come to love and care about, is a showcase of Baltimore junk food specialities. Lake trout, pit beef, eggs cracked into beers - come for the gritty and heartbreaking depictions of heroin addicts and inner city grade schoolers, stay for the eats!

    Music: "Heart Ache" by Broke for Free

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  • UnPhayzable  (Dec 26, 2017))

    When are you making *The Glass of Water* from every TV show?

  • StudioUAC  (2 days ago))

    april 1st

  • TheStopShort  (Feb 6, 2019))

    Concentrated Cringe that’s an automatic entry into the clean plate club.

  • Rosalina perez  (Dec 29, 2017))

    Make food from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs!!! (The book) 😂😃

  • Microwave  (Oct 17, 2018))

    Ye, such as the credits.

  • Joey Martinez  (Jun 3, 2018))

    Basically Me It’s not as good as the first one but it has its moments.

  • Jeannine Thompson  (Jan 14, 2018))

    Totally late to the upload, but I did want to note that I actually made the pit beef. I've been trying to expand what I cook, and deviate from the rut I've found ourselves in (thanks to having to budget like crazy) I found a bottom round roast on sale, and followed the recipe here. (Sans horseradish) It was life changing. Even my kids went for seconds, and one went for thirds! So, uhm...thank you, for this. Seriously, thank you. It was a highlight of my weekend to make an amazingly tasty dish, and it...

  • GalacticStorm  (Jan 27, 2019))

    +Big Lord Furi let me guess, you didd'nt have any good dinner days with your family? Fuck you.

  • Big Lord Furi  (Jan 18, 2019))

    Fuck your mum

  • Emily K  (Dec 28, 2017))

    ooooo please do gumbo or beignets from princess and the frog!! or both!! :)

  • Robert Adams  (Aug 7, 2018))

    Well, now your prayers are half answered.

  • Lowest of trash  (Jul 9, 2018))

    I really want him to, but at the same time I don't lol. I've gotten too used to people that don't live in Louisiana messing up Gumbo or beignets.

  • Jane Doe  (Dec 28, 2017))

    Can you do something from the Percy Jackson universe? Like Sally’s 7 layer dip or blue cookies, or the lotus flower things or ambrosia and nectar etc. That would be AMAZING

  • Yik Long Tay  (Feb 9, 2019))

    He's gonna have to climb olympus to get the nectar of the gods though

  • Will Griffin  (Jan 25, 2019))

    I like you.

  • Ehab Shanan  (Dec 26, 2017))

    One of these days you'll make an episode about how to make The Blue Meth from Breaking Bad. I'm waiting.

  • WarbornIV  (Oct 5, 2018))

    Ehab Shanan q. C

  • name name  (Sep 24, 2018))

    Beppi the clown da

  • Emilee Sanchez  (Dec 27, 2017))

    It’s would make my 2018 if you could make the peruvian puff pepper salsa from drake and josh, pleaseeeee!!

  • Logan Huntley  (Jan 10, 2019))

    You know that doesn’t actually exist right?

  • Chumunga64  (Sep 12, 2018))

    Do you wan't him to get cancer?Or chapped lips?

  • Adrian Bailey  (Jan 3, 2018))


  • Jonathan Palmatary  (Jan 14, 2019))

    Adrian Bailey damn right

  • Mateo Baeza  (Jan 1, 2018))

    Do the best burger in NYC from How I Met Your Mother

  • On The Grind In America  (Dec 28, 2017))


  • You didn't say no homo

  • JumpshotBooboo SSc  (Jan 26, 2018))

    Dammit Its Dark LMFAO