Apple HomePod Review: The Dumbest Smart Speaker?

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 16, 2018
  • Apple HomePod. It's somehow the best and the worst.

    Siri vs Google vs Alexa vs Bixby:

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    Muggsy Bogues by Alltta
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  • nerosugarman29
    nerosugarman29  3 days ago

    My iPad’s Siri responded to you and thought you said “Play album”💀💀💀

  • Smock Knives
    Smock Knives  3 days ago

    Nice Spyderco!

  • S M
    S M  3 days ago

    I didnt know this existed until now... & im glad!!! 💩

  • Dylan Litreal
    Dylan Litreal  5 days ago +2

    $350 and no Bluetooth or audio jack? That's actually crazy they got away with that.

  • Ninsoft Gaming
    Ninsoft Gaming  5 days ago

    A beautifully presented cylinder. That’s it.

  • Sebastian Benavides
    Sebastian Benavides  6 days ago +3

    You can also use the box to trick people who steal packages

  • Regent HW NMcH
    Regent HW NMcH  7 days ago

    Apple is just living off of Steve Jobs innovation. NOTHING Apple has done since Steve died has been innovative or better than anything else out there. I have all Apple stuff but I'm hanging on by a thread. I'm sick of seeing all other devices be better than all my Apple stuff. Tim Cook is boring all day long and has nothing creative or innovative to contribute..... HE NEEDS TO GO.

  • Nerd About Everything

    “We’re all one voice.”

    - Marques Brownlee 2017

  • Joshua Litton
    Joshua Litton  7 days ago

    Do you adr your shots with dialogue? Looks like you do...

  • Rajesh Kharat
    Rajesh Kharat  7 days ago

    Remove the question mark from video Title.
    It will make more sense.

  • Karthi Keyan
    Karthi Keyan  14 days ago

    It as Bluetooth or not

  • BRBallin1
    BRBallin1  14 days ago +2

    To those complaining about it not having Bluetooth: Apple prefers AirPlay because it can stream data at a much higher rate and thus stream high fidelity sound wirelessly. If you have a Mac and iPhone, you should have no problem using it. However, I do wish they were "backwards compatible" with Bluetooth even if it's not as good as AirPlay

  • Max something
    Max something  14 days ago

    “Oh well,classic Apple.”

  • Jerome Shelton
    Jerome Shelton  21 days ago

    Wait what the fuck it’s not a Bluetooth speaker there’s no point in buying this I wanted to use this for my music library

  • Brian Hardcore
    Brian Hardcore  21 days ago

    Wtf is 3D fabric ?

  • eric agbleke
    eric agbleke  21 days ago +1

    Very sad💔

  • Kausik Banerjee
    Kausik Banerjee  21 days ago

    You really saved me a lot of my money

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe  21 days ago

    So essentially, this is a nope!

  • Maria Jose Avila
    Maria Jose Avila  21 days ago

    dude when you said hey siri MY phone siri activated wtfff lol

  • Zain Mumtaz
    Zain Mumtaz  21 days ago

    Why do people hate apple products

    Like ok yeah some products can not be that useful as others but you gotta give them credit for trying


    Because of their items and phones they are standing as the richest company

    So yeah stop being an idiot and think properly

    I’m not saying to buy every apple product some are shit and I agree but stop criticizing it