James McAvoy Monologue - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 26, 2019


  • Henry Munn-Sanz
    Henry Munn-Sanz  6 months ago +1458

    Such a short monologue!
    it's a shame, he is so naturally funny! He handled that mistake very well.

  • Kyle Santos
    Kyle Santos  6 months ago +323

    I’m so glad James McAvoy is finally getting out of “underrated actor” status and now becoming an actual Super Star! He should be nominated for an Oscar soon!

  • Ziv Viz
    Ziv Viz  6 months ago +1923

    Damn he's hotttt

  • Heather Marie
    Heather Marie  6 months ago +1201

    ‘I messed up. I’ll be doing it all night!’

  • Theresa Kim
    Theresa Kim  6 months ago +216

    Glad he pointed out that his calves are ripped cause that was the first thing I noticed lol
    His native accent is awesome and he looks amazing in the kilt, sweater and vest. Looks super sexy. <3

  • Connor Malbeuf
    Connor Malbeuf  6 months ago +982


  • Ben Wasserman
    Ben Wasserman  6 months ago +1217

    I didn’t realize the Beast was into kilts. Or maybe that’s just one of Horde’s Scottish personalities

  • Connor Malbeuf
    Connor Malbeuf  6 months ago +659

    Ok, can we talk about how hot James is?

  • Melissa Noelle
    Melissa Noelle  6 months ago +743

    Great save of a slip up! He’s too cute to hold it against him!

  • Ombeni Idassi
    Ombeni Idassi  6 months ago +631

    Awesome accent, cool kilt, nice facts.... So glad Obi Wan took the time to talk to us!
    ..... Wait a minute, Professor X?

  • Victor Rhams
    Victor Rhams  6 months ago +261

    Is this the first time a host has worn a kilt during the monologue? Great warmup James McAvoy did.

  • hospitalcakewalk
    hospitalcakewalk  6 months ago +261

    He can mess me up all he wants Scottish daddy yiiiiiiiiis!!!

  • Daffy
    Daffy  6 months ago +157

    The other Scottish actor would be David Tennant...

  • JJ Roberts
    JJ Roberts  6 months ago +447

    So glad to see Kevin doing better

  • eilise sineàd
    eilise sineàd  6 months ago +39

    " I where it cause my calfs are shredded. Plus I'm Scottish" 😂

  • Claudia Bruce
    Claudia Bruce  6 months ago +352

    dammmmmn he makes that kilt look good

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  6 months ago +168

    I just love his accent

  • Josue2018
    Josue2018  6 months ago +127

    What a sexy scott! HE was sexy even before he got buff!

  • Gwla Raw
    Gwla Raw  6 months ago +103

    That accent😍😍

  • Brad DeYoung
    Brad DeYoung  6 months ago +163

    Just got home from seeing Glass. Then movie was ok, but he was phenomenal! So enthralling to watch and see him change personalities and how seamless it seemed!