Five 100% Erica Synths PERKONS Techno jams

  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 24, 2022
  • Here's another video with a couple of jams. I left some of the parts in where you can see i'm experimenting a bit and trying to find where to take things. It's the parts where I landed on something great :). Now a matter of getting a feel for this instrument to more or less do this with eyes closed. I'm just experimenting right now to see how to get energetic grooves out of this thing quickly. To do it quickly will take some time to get the muscle memory in place. And much more to explore sound wise as well. You can really use the LFO in creative ways to take the sound pallet further. Full review in the near future.


    00:00 - Groove 1
    00:39 - Groove 2
    01:16 - Marker 3
    03:00 - Marker 4
    08:03 - Marker 5

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