Why buying plastic-free groceries is so hard (Marketplace)

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
  • Is plastic packaging out of control at your supermarket? We challenge two families to help us uncover why supermarkets aren't doing more to reduce plastic waste.

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  • albe rtplumer
    albe rtplumer  8 minutes ago

    This isn't true , another elite foisted agenda myth., The world changes

  • Monis Khan
    Monis Khan  11 minutes ago

    If it was American show, everyone would be offended for showing brown family was the one creating waste.

  • Citlalli Alonso
    Citlalli Alonso  56 minutes ago

    I really really like this !! I do my best to eliminate plastic from products like shampoo , toilet paper , toothbrush , toothpaste , etc . However , grocery shopping is the most difficult for me . Sometimes the bulk stores are too far or what i need is just wrapped in plastic .

  • JacobLZP
    JacobLZP  2 hours ago

    really its about throughing away you trash and what gets thrown away needs to get delt with. We can recycle plastic and we dont need much space to store it.

  • Dot Nerd
    Dot Nerd  2 hours ago

    We need to reduce plastic...
    The worst is my favorite cucumbers can be wrapped in plastic, and already I can picture a gel casing instead.
    Plastic can be replaced.

  • earl konztin constantino

    rich vs poor, basically

  • PrinceIcyWolf Alpha
    PrinceIcyWolf Alpha  3 hours ago


  • meow meow
    meow meow  4 hours ago

    who is benefiting ($$) from continuing to package things w. excessive plastic?

  • Matt Blanco
    Matt Blanco  4 hours ago

    the problem is petroleum. so many people depend on the livelihood of the industry.

  • Stephen J
    Stephen J  4 hours ago

    "CBC is fighting for the environment!" -->flies a camera crew across the ocean for what could have been a skype call

  • Varun MJ
    Varun MJ  4 hours ago

    Ive lived in malaysia for 10 years and i only just found out about the dump. I was in the capital apparently an hour away

  • Matt Castle
    Matt Castle  5 hours ago

    I may be wrong but isn't most plastic a by-product of petroleum? So if we don't make plastic then what happens to the waste?

  • Rydz
    Rydz  5 hours ago

    This is why I burn my garbage

  • Soviet Blins4U
    Soviet Blins4U  5 hours ago

    Plastic kills.

  • Devon Martin
    Devon Martin  5 hours ago

    I used to love buying snapple not just because it taste good but because it came in glass bottles but ever since they decided to use plastic bottles ive stopped the same goes for sobe drinks

  • Blademon11
    Blademon11  6 hours ago

    The city where I am from - Fort Mcmurray banned plastic bags. All of us came to realize how unnecessary the bags are. Now we frequently use tote bags now.

    CSCOTT  7 hours ago

    I work in produce at Zehrs and I see so much plastic packaging. What's crazy is my store literally just took out bulk section because they weren't making enough sales

  • Marilee Grier
    Marilee Grier  8 hours ago

    Why has everyone in the US switched to plastic laundry detergent containers? I'm starting to find it difficult to find laundry detergent in a box.

  • America Libertad
    America Libertad  8 hours ago

    Ese tipo de Mercado plástico free se encuentra tra de México a Sudamérica where we have to bring our own bags.

  • furstenfeldbruck
    furstenfeldbruck  8 hours ago

    Why are there so many Mexicans in Canada?