Creepy Horror Stories from the Deep Web...

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
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  • Zach Pugh
    Zach Pugh  a years ago +3711

    Thanks for the scary information

  • Daddy long legs
    Daddy long legs  1 months ago

    Why is she watching a stripper pole dance

  • Bugsy
    Bugsy  1 months ago

    When i went through the deep web for the first time nothing happened, i received no phone calls i did not receive anythingat all.But some people that use the deep web and the tor browser for the first time they go through there without a VPN that's why they receive phone calls from different hackers and pedophiles, if you wanna go through the deep web and search different ilegal sites at least use a good VPn that can hide your IP location.

  • EdoTensei Sama
    EdoTensei Sama  1 months ago

    To the FBI, agent who may be watching, hope you’re well dude. Watch JoJo.

    SOPHIA MORROW  1 months ago +1

    If u were to have ONE thing back, wut would it be. I have blonde hair but I want my red hair back, I used to have red hair when I was a little kid

  • Brett Mac
    Brett Mac  1 months ago

    yes google tracks you but id rather that than be tracked by a hacker

  • Chip
    Chip  1 months ago

    I've had TOR for over two years and no one has ever contacted me. But I did cover my web cam two years ago.

  • Half Dude
    Half Dude  2 months ago


  • Unpolished Artist
    Unpolished Artist  2 months ago

    I used Tor for like a week in middle school. Glad I never got a weird call or message.
    Or maybe I got a weird call but I don't know it because I don't answer numbers I don't know.

  • xRiverdale 13
    xRiverdale 13  2 months ago

    I can never sleep after watching Matt’s videos,Having a slide able Closet door not even 10 ft away from your bed sucks which would be perfect for somebody to watch me through ;_;

  • Foxy Junior
    Foxy Junior  2 months ago

    Deep web or the dark web?

  • Linzi Chenault
    Linzi Chenault  3 months ago

    Daisy's destruction is so much more horrifying than Matt's description...I have heard the details of what they did and it made me physically sick...

  • pennypay1
    pennypay1  3 months ago

    In this case, it's the dark web, which is just part of the deep web. Not exactly synonymous. Kind of like the way all seismic sea waves are tsunami, but not all tsunami are seismic sea waves. Much of the deep web is classified military and government information, data storage of credit and bank account info, and any content a company or person may elect to have under strict privacy settings.

  • Stephen Fernandez
    Stephen Fernandez  3 months ago

    If you want to search the dark web go sign out of your account and cover up your webcam

  • Neeltje Schmidt
    Neeltje Schmidt  3 months ago

    Why does the deep web exist?

  • javi sanchez
    javi sanchez  3 months ago

    I think it’s just nurds all workin together to scare people away

    CLEETUS THE GOAT  3 months ago

    Ok Daisy’s destruction and the cooking women thing was probably the scariest thing on the video. Oof love your channel and ya I’m not visiting the deep web.

  • The PaperCraft Artist

    O my friggin god this is spooky

  • Lindsay Sundefreelancewriting

    I heard some really bad things about this. People getting into chat rooms that are all about watching people being tortured and murdered. Its sick that there is a population of people that really enjoy watching terror.

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy  4 months ago

    I bet you went to the deep web to find those information.