Marital Rape - Daniel Fernandes Stand-Up Comedy

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 25, 2015
  • Comedian Daniel Fernandes talks about the Government's decision to not criminalize marital rape in India.Facebook: @absolutelydannyLocation: Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai


  • Siya Raizada  2 years ago

    "Just because she said 'I do' does not mean you would not have to ask again" *applause*

  • Sha Shank  1 months ago

    this go dutch pblm arrises only in gf/bf rltnship..the bfs insist to pay the they can impress their gfs and they can vouch for it within their clique..women have already been too underprivileged..restricted in the name of take that into consideration as well..while in marriage,wives mostly run the most of the time the husband puts the income in his wife's keeps the money as a symbol of power...and he pays the bill to show it...and only the husband will...

  • Sha Shank  1 months ago

    @World_record_Egg do you even have any idea how many women are stopped to work after marriage..or paid less than men..?

  • mrinalika singh  2 years ago

    "only time when an indian guy is not rejected is when he is born."very well said.

  • As a gay man, a man looking from the outside in (as all gay men must) I truly feel sorry for heterosexual men. I see most clearly what they are going through. The world has turned itself on it's head and made them the villain for simply wanting sex in their marriage. Regular and sustained sex being the main (and sometimes only) reason they were willing to give up their freedom and their finances for in the first place. Gay men have no such baggage, as we are dealing with other men with libidos as hig...

  • manzoor Athar  1 months ago

    "Yadi kamjor English ki wajah se heen Bhavana ya jhijhak Hoti ho to ye karein". I mean seriously? Knowing a language is another thing but having a prejudice for one over another and that too your mother tongue is a stupidest thing I could ever come across.

  • Pramit Chatterjee  3 years ago

    Butt-hurt egoistic so called sanskari men will be feeling so awkward now that the cat is out of the bag. lol.Nice way to put the matter out in the open.#KillYourHusbands ;)

  • +Pramit Chatterjee .. I am really glad to see that guy like is for real :) +Sobhit Vashistha .. Yo man! Heartfelt..+Pramit Chatterjee just stop arguing with the guy, Sunny. He is just a male chauvinist who is only following what his family and everyone taught him. They can't think beyond that. You are good guy and good human being too! 😙

  • world_record_ egg  3 months ago

    @NAGMA M i think that is how ur dad sucked at his time..why haven't u killed him yet..make some plan woth ur mom..comeon

  • manisha thagela  2 years ago

    its good to see boys like this thinking n sentiment..... thank u from bottom of my heart.....# Respect

  • rJtheCoder  4 months ago

    malini venkatakrishnan hmm!ok with your point...

  • @rJtheCoder women actually have powers ,you don't need to give them instead we should work on women's misusing and abusing their powers as a stupid fool

  • Anuradha  3 years ago

    Well, the problem is not Indian culture. It's the Indian people. We mess up bad and blame the "culture".

  • megha singh  2 months ago

    Want to argue, bring up some ancient texts?

  • Isha Purohit  3 months ago

    People make the culture. It's not a myth we've been just hearing from centuries. People have done this shit and henceforth patriarchy is our culture

  • Souvik RB  2 years ago

    There is a huge pool of stand-up comedians right now. But the topics that you choose to speak about differentiates you from all others. You are doing a great work :)It's probably the best way of bringing a change in the society.

  • Didnt think this topic could be worked into a comedy act, pretty decent job :)

  • Aakarshita  2 years ago

    Dude, you are Different! You do stand up comedy for a reason, to spread awareness through comedy. You make us laugh and educated. Thank you.

  • This is the need of the hour. Comdeians generally stay off such topics but Daniel you thrive on them! Its time India starts accepting and talking about such stuff!

  • Asdeep Kumar  2 years ago

    Daniel, hates off to u bro. How simply u have clear the concept. it was a laugh but the real meaning was very deep. just because she said "I do", doesn't mean u don't have to ask again.

  • Shreya Chauhan  3 months ago

    @Be/ rose Maryminati Couldn't agree more. We need to reveal more about our status in the society to these misogynist pigs.

  • Aradhya Choudhury  5 months ago

    @Be/ rose Maryminati ..👏.