The Day I Almost Died Mt everest(8,848m)

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 27, 2018
  • ▶ Conclusion
    In shooting Everest, how about making it a little different from the existing heavy documentary format? I thought it was a video released in Vlog format. Rather than putting personal assessments, I wanted to capture the process of going up to the top with a little video over time. I wanted to give a feeling of walking with those who watched it, but I feel good because it was conveyed to some extent ^^

    In fact, climbing Everest is getting more attention these days than as a great challenge, as a culprit of environmental pollution, or as a commercial means. In other words, it's not such a great social climb.
    But apart from social standards, it was a mountain of dreams that I personally wanted to visit. I was able to meet a good opportunity, and there were hundreds of people with the same dreams, one moment, and one heading to the top, a meaningful experience that money could not buy.

    Everest is no longer a 'mountain' mountain among mountaineers, but I think it is a big mountain for every person who climbs Everest. For me too.
    My personal dream in this Everest expedition was to leave the Everest video as a video like this, and I am happy that the dream came true. Thank you!


  • 잼쏭부부 jemissong
    잼쏭부부 jemissong  a years ago +15

    에베레스트 관련 질문은
    잼쏭부부Q&A #4 에베레스트 편 참고해주세요 :)

    ◈에베레스트 등반 1편 : 8,848m 공포의 크레바스 건너기(Crossing crevasses in Mt.Everest)

    ◈에베레스트 등반 2편 : 에베레스트 최악의 눈폭풍을 만나다(Snowstorm in Mt.Everest)

    ◈에베레스트 등반 3편 : 에베레스트 정상 코앞에 두고 죽을 뻔 (I almost died at 8,000m)

    ◈에베레스트 등반 비하인드 영상(Behind Scene)

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    syamil syahiir  2 days ago

    18:08 what type of sunglasses are you wearing? Seems fantastic

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    전... 다다다다다음생이나 가능 할 것같습니다.. 사다리 저걸 건너시다니..대박

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    아니 전문 산악인도 아니고 일반인 같은데..이 분 넘 멋있는 분 같아요..멋진 인생 항상 행복하세요..

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    Jaime Lopez  5 days ago

    Felicidades por escalar una montaña tan bella y peligrosa. Excelente video. Saludos desde México

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    진정 유튜버 입니다
    수고 많으셨구요
    항상 응원할께요
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    @22:40 Music is awesome.......... Does any one know which song is that

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    Thank you for this video. You are wonderful.

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    대단하고 축하드립니다
    저도 죽기전에 갈수있을런지

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    Ruben Ramirez  14 days ago

    Great images, great story line great film. Yes it was a miracle for the O2. That happened so you could share these images with the rest of the world.God bless from Texas✝️

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    mast chadha dost!!!!

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  • Dinesh Bhandari
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    Hot food at at the mt everest?

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    영어로 자막을 넣으면 전 세계인이 더욱 더 즐길 수 있을 것 같아요.

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