Renwick Benito - Buwan | Idol Philippines 2019 Auditions

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 21, 2019
  • Idol hopeful Renwick Benito sings "Buwan" by Juan Karlos.Subscribe to Search for the Idol Philippines YouTube channel: the full episodes of Idol Philippines on TFC.TV: on iWant for Philippine viewers: our social media accounts!Facebook:


  • Next Inn
    Next Inn  4 months ago +2610

    Bigyan nga ng energy drinks si Moira😂😂

  • Arthay Gaming
    Arthay Gaming  3 months ago +1620

    Sino dito ang nagbabasa ng mga comment habang nanunuod? Haha 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Maia Tueson
    Maia Tueson  3 months ago +780

    1:59 Billy and the baby scene is so adorable 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️

  • DarkR0ze
    DarkR0ze  3 months ago +914

    It's rare for us Filipino (men) to look good with both mustache and or beard; he nailed it

  • Carlito Gregorio
    Carlito Gregorio  3 months ago +892

    parang si David Cook.. click the like button if you agree.

  • Arlene Adap
    Arlene Adap  3 months ago +1454

    The judges are blending perfectly. Moira is so mahinhin, vice is so natural in his comedy antics, james is so formal and very polite and ms. Reg is brutally frank. Good combination. Kudos guys.

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis  3 months ago +485

    I'm feeling the music then Billy and ruru appears on the screen, it makes me laugh coz they're so cuteeee

  • itsmerochaii
    itsmerochaii  2 months ago +68

    sino dito ang bumalik at nanuod after knowing the top 12? 😊

  • Priscilla Danso
    Priscilla Danso  3 months ago +519

    I will pretend I understand what he is singing and smile along <3

  • Princess Kwon88
    Princess Kwon88  4 months ago +1949

    Billy and ruru is so cute 😍😍😍 im sure billy will become a good father someday..

  • RetroIsGamingYT Awesome Retro

    How the heck did he manage to look good with a beard? It’s super rare for us Filipinos...

  • O k
    O k  3 months ago +215

    5:02 judge pala si kris aquino dito

  • amanda anderson
    amanda anderson  3 months ago +190

    I have no idea what he is singing but it gave me chills. His voice is so powerful I don't need to understand his words to get what he's saying.

  • Part Time Adverstiser
    Part Time Adverstiser  3 months ago +176

    James Reid = sa appeal sa stage, sa popularity
    Vice Ganda = performance-oriented, audience impact
    Moira = sa emotional affect, and motivational
    Regine = technicalities

  • Michael Lillo
    Michael Lillo  3 months ago +104

    Gusto ko ibigay ung 50% ng sigla ko kay Moira! Hahaha!!
    Hit like kung napansin mo rin si Moira.
    Sub to sub pls.

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin  4 months ago +410

    First time watching Idol Philippines audition
    Keep watching!

  • Vince Delavega
    Vince Delavega  3 months ago +178

    Idol Philippines should put captions on their videos. Dumadami foreigner viewers😂

  • Eric Pro
    Eric Pro  3 months ago +117

    good resonance and tone. he made the song his own. love his version to the moon (pun intended) :) - gonna be rooting for you bro! - from Canada

  • Mo Lan
    Mo Lan  3 months ago +9

    I watched this particular clip over and over again....and i still laughed each time.
    The judges are so natural and the artist is awesome!

  • John Rudi
    John Rudi  3 months ago +290

    sana bigyan ni james ng MILO energy drink c moira..prang wlang ganang mag energy drink..moira mag milo everyday 😂😂😂