how i got RICH in ROBLOX!!

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 19, 2019
  • Bob and Wade join me in Roblox and we discover that getting rich in this game completely ruins the entire experience...


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  • Dominic Cory
    Dominic Cory  yesterday +1

    there is a game markiplier with boobs but roblox banned it 5 days ago it had vape it had humbing actions naked girls and i did not like the look of the game it was called a cute party but roblox banned it and some pervs where piss and there still MAKING FUCKING GAMES NO MATTER WHAT IF THERE ACCOUNT GET BAN

  • Nick Gold
    Nick Gold  2 days ago

    I’m a virgin

    MAXOVERHAX  3 days ago


  • Whiterun Gaurd
    Whiterun Gaurd  3 days ago

    Perition to make mark a roblox youtuber

  • good Morning xyz 1
    good Morning xyz 1  3 days ago +1

    Legend has it he never uploaded a Roblox video again

  • TDdotTXT
    TDdotTXT  4 days ago

    the cpu usage is very high for roblox because its game logic is made in lua which is not very epic

  • Lilangel
    Lilangel  4 days ago +1

    1:40 LOL UR SKINNY AS!!
    3:26 how it feels to die

  • Aidan McFarlane
    Aidan McFarlane  4 days ago

    Now play roblox with Jack and pewds

  • FGM 0905
    FGM 0905  5 days ago

    Guys who’s joe

  • Self-Autonomy Is A Joke

    When you/your friend makes an awkward joke and no one laughs:

  • Joel Carriedo
    Joel Carriedo  5 days ago

    You Can Go To The Avatar And Change Ur Look Or You Can Buy Clothes With Robux Just Saying

  • all day jose
    all day jose  5 days ago

    Markiplier try games like flee the facility murder mystery or Hunted it's fun to watch you play Roblox

  • Minecraft Gaming2201

    21:00 tf2 sentry

  • Melanie Orrego
    Melanie Orrego  6 days ago

    Pls play more

  • TheGreatMeme Gaming

    On behalf of everyone, please make more

  • Ace Rain
    Ace Rain  7 days ago

    I like how the actual dev was like hey I'm right in front of you mark! And mark just walked away and ended the stream.

  • Blue Shuriken
    Blue Shuriken  7 days ago

    Im a tower defense pro and-

    How is he crawling?

  • learntobeapro_fishy

    9:44 wait... thats illigal how is there 4 snipers now?

  • Bathtub Gamer
    Bathtub Gamer  7 days ago


  • buffplayz_YT
    buffplayz_YT  7 days ago

    Hey mark do u mind friending me?