Naming the new iPhone X? Ask MKBHD V30!

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 16, 2018
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  • Elie Azouz
    Elie Azouz  7 days ago

    I spent the time watching this video thinking about that if these two have sex ... will they use tech sentences to heat things up😶

  • Shrey Satapathy
    Shrey Satapathy  14 days ago

    What's the intro music??? PLSSSS

  • Eric Rusconi
    Eric Rusconi  14 days ago

    It was good to see that she can actually be calm in a video. I could watch more of her stuff if she stays this calm.

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez  14 days ago +2

    Bro, I’ve been watching YouTube since chocolate rain, ray William Johnson, that treadmill music video.
    You are the next wave.
    Thank you

  • bremertje
    bremertje  14 days ago

    whats so handy about a speaker like google home or alexa? why would i buy a speaker if my phone does the samething.

  • Leo Sam
    Leo Sam  14 days ago

    google boy apple lady

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas  1 months ago

    MKBHD and super car blondie Collab . That would be great

  • Carlyce Simpson
    Carlyce Simpson  1 months ago

    The reason why they collaborated is because they both like the same things ( technology) not because they are dating 💜💚

  • ali zomorodi
    ali zomorodi  2 months ago +1

    How stupid questions

  • Adnan Genius Ahmed
    Adnan Genius Ahmed  2 months ago +1

    Yo I am from the future the next iPhone names will be small oled iPhone XS big lcd one iPhone XR big oled iPhone XS Max.

  • Jay Pandya
    Jay Pandya  3 months ago

    GUYS 6:48

  • eyo schuminator
    eyo schuminator  3 months ago

    whats the intro music??

  • Refiner Similitude
    Refiner Similitude  3 months ago

    Great chemistry. More of this, please.

  • Aryan Verma
    Aryan Verma  3 months ago

    I'm not a racist but it's like a colour inversion camera effect

  • Rich Beast
    Rich Beast  4 months ago +3

    Justine: There is nothing stoping yo...

  • Angry_Raven
    Angry_Raven  4 months ago

    Why u get this stupid isheep to be in your video. Unsub, dislike, report, block

  • Steve Coutts
    Steve Coutts  5 months ago


  • Laitalafraise
    Laitalafraise  5 months ago

    She has a very soothing voice! ^^

  • Chirag Singh
    Chirag Singh  5 months ago

    Great intro music!!!

  • Om Mankar
    Om Mankar  6 months ago

    Sorry but Black n white colab looks great