Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Camaro ZL1 Part 2

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 2, 2018
  • Now it gets interesting! This totaled out 2018 Camaro ZL1 has a story to tell. As we dismantle this new build we discover more and more. This is going to be one of our most exciting builds so far! Stay tuned and see what happens next! Thanks For Watching!

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  • Joes Golden Garage  (Oct 2, 2018))

    damn i will never be first i come as fast as i can! lol

  • jorge122494  (Jan 25, 2019))

    Joes Golden Garage 90

  • Arshawna Brown  (Jan 20, 2019))


  • Noah Ford  (Oct 2, 2018))

    Next upgrade should be concrete driveway so no more mud

  • CraigDalton03  (Dec 19, 2018))

    agree, or even asphalt

  • Brodie Fleming  (Oct 11, 2018))


  • William Alfonso  (Oct 3, 2018))

    For me that hellcat was better than to corvette..

  • Tom Ahoks  (Jan 20, 2019))

    William Alfonso Me too, MoPar forever!

  • Twinkle-Toes  (Oct 2, 2018))

    You goonz are killing it. Quick question did you both go to college to learn what you know or have you self taught urselfs. Peace.

  • Sasha Crawl  (Jan 17, 2019))

    How much did you pay for that wreck blue camaro??

  • Master Yoda  (Dec 21, 2018))

    They worked at an autoshop before they made it. Also helps that ya pops and family rebuilds vehicles.

  • BoW Skittlez  (Oct 2, 2018))

    Please don't clickbait your thumbnail! It's what makes you guys so awesome! You have quality content just the way it is. You don't need to bait people into watching. Please don't change!

  • Luis  (Oct 3, 2018))

    BoW Skittlez I agree...they’ve done it good and well to reach this far to start changing it up. Keep it g!!

  • Scott Michael  (Oct 2, 2018))

    "Dang son" & his brother "Man"

  • Cruzredeye  (Oct 3, 2018))

    Haha, that was pretty funny!

  • John Cessna  (Oct 2, 2018))

    It is no contest. The Corvette is the car to have!

  • Ronald Skidmore  (Jan 16, 2019))

    Hellcat all day everyday...hellcat rarer than the mass produced corvette nice car but not for me.....that's what makes America great freedom of choice

  • Chris Baker  (Oct 9, 2018))

    John Cessna agreed

  • Jackem High  (Oct 2, 2018))

    Damn 500k i rember when my boys had 15k

  • ramzi ali  (Oct 3, 2018))

    We need a Q&A episode

  • I think when you guys hit 1 million subs you guys should do a giveaway where someone who buys merch gets to pick a car that you guys re build for him 👍🏻