Patriots vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 20, 2019
  • The New England Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs during AFC Conference Championship of the 2018 Post Season.

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  • Pok'e Gaming
    Pok'e Gaming  12 hours ago

    The Chiefs were tough to beat, but The Patriots are tougher...

  • Dylan Trevizo
    Dylan Trevizo  yesterday

    You I hate the Patriots there a cheaters

  • SpicyLaschaga
    SpicyLaschaga  yesterday +1

    Damn bro chiefs really lost to an offside call

  • Tojo On Controller

    Nothing but chef is fans. 😊

    BEAST MODE  yesterday +1

    9:47 cheap shot on Edelman just watch.

  • Mike M
    Mike M  2 days ago

    KC are off to a bad start in 19. A very short dynasty for them.

  • Zubeir Leonard
    Zubeir Leonard  2 days ago

    How tf do nfl players play in weather like that

  • Manvinder Matharu

    Kansas city defense sucks

  • Danger Zone ineedapunkcake

    Honestly the to best teams were the saints and chefs

  • Joseph Nalunat
    Joseph Nalunat  4 days ago

    TB has seen this before. He has practice on this since Michigan.

  • Nurdin Dahlan
    Nurdin Dahlan  4 days ago

    Pat Mahomes is good whit the good team... but he facing the GOAT whit underrated team this year ( he too old, got no good defense, bla bla bla...), what u can expect?

  • Depressed Guy
    Depressed Guy  5 days ago

    I missed this game ,damn alcohol!

  • John Ta
    John Ta  5 days ago

    This was the real Super Bowl in the sense that whomever was going to win this game was going to win it all.

  • Qurx
    Qurx  5 days ago

    Me roots for chiefs:

    Chiefs: lose

    Patriots: win

    Joe buck: SB time

    Eagles: ima bout to end this whole mans career

  • Cataya
    Cataya  6 days ago

    Tony room literally called every single play perfectly in the last few minutes of the 4th/OT

  • The Ankle Taker
    The Ankle Taker  7 days ago

    This game is a perfect reason why the nfl should adopt the college football overtime rules

  • cwardo 98
    cwardo 98  7 days ago

    I just love games like this.!!❤️❤️

  • Wooki
    Wooki  7 days ago

    That roughing the passer is a joke

  • AllHope_Lost
    AllHope_Lost  7 days ago

    Is the thumbnail pic of Mahomes with his hand all up in the facemask of the Pats defender not a penalty?

  • Tony A
    Tony A  7 days ago

    Tony Romo with a perfect 10/10 play calling.