Usher - Climax

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 8, 2012
  • Usher's official music video for 'Climax'. Click to listen to Usher on Spotify: featured on Looking 4 Myself. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Play: from UsherI Don't Mind: Kisser: UsherWebsite: to Usher on YouTube: great Classic RNB videos here: nowhere fast. We've reached the climax.Were together now we're undone.Won't commit so we choose to run away.Do we separate?Don't wanna give in so we both gave up.Can't take it back. It's too late.We've reached the climax, climax.


  • margret thacher  5 months ago

    Who's listening to this in 2019?

  • RGLover641  4 days ago


  • James McI  6 days ago

    Daaam yall act like the song that old.

  • Treshawn Prewitt  5 months ago

    Man usher is a legend like if u agree

  • Keeps Rara majority of them are hits, you’re bugging man. A hit is a hit. Not everything has to be as big as thriller or Billie Jean to be a hit.

  • Keeps Rara  3 days ago

    Marvin Amankwa-Dei that ain’t hits , that’s just songs u like only 7 of those songs were hits and trapped in the closet ain’t even a song 😂

  • curtis mnguto  1 years ago

    If you are reading this txt right now i just want to tell you tht you are beautifull😊😊😊😊

  • Wut about cute

  • alise Scott  25 days ago

    Awww thanks 🤗😁

  • April 🥀Rose  1 years ago

    The high notes he songs most of this song in is CRAZY

  • Jayven Morgan  9 days ago

    U know English?

  • My Diametrical  3 months ago


  • Kadia Fulani  10 months ago

    This touch my inner soul 😫

  • Mulder & Scully  2 months ago


  • 6 DAMAGE!  2 months ago

    I feel this song 😭😭

  • Amanda Lee  1 years ago

    You can really see, hear, and feel the pain in Ushers voice, and facial expressions during this song, and video it seems so real.

  • The man has bn thru too much it's shows the pain

  • iRifle87  15 days ago

    Asap move thank u bro. Money motivates.

  • Mike Moretz  5 months ago

    2k19 anyone? Too early? Lol

  • Lindsey Greene  4 months ago

    Right here!

  • She’s So Woah  5 months ago

    Here lol

  • Kathy-Ann Phillip  1 years ago

    He's perfected the art of transitioning from baritone to falsetto and back so smoothly....sorry Chris Breezy but Usher is the best RnB artiste

  • Perfect Storm none of breezys albums touch 8701 or confessions

  • Ruben Tavares  2 months ago

    @Julissa Detres thats your personnal opinion... best vocal R.Kelly>usher>Chris Brown... but Chris Brown is the most complet artist after mj

  • K Empire  5 months ago

    Who gonna listen 2020 🤩🤩🤩🤩👍🏽😃

  • Usher 4ever

  • A K  11 days ago


  • pacandpal3  8 months ago

    who doesn't give a shit what year it is you just like the song because its perpetually beautiful?