The Monster’s location FOUND!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
  • Fortnite Battle: Royale - The Monster has been spotted!
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  • Terrence Perkins
    Terrence Perkins  7 days ago

    Don’t use code Ali a

  • Karina Esco
    Karina Esco  a months ago +1

    Its not godzilla!!!!

  • Udadanus Danus
    Udadanus Danus  a months ago

    Macam mega kaiju

  • 2009dorris
    2009dorris  a months ago

    Ali a your better than ninja and it’s a huge gemorgorgan

  • Scooby_pants
    Scooby_pants  2 months ago


  • Epic Dragon
    Epic Dragon  2 months ago

    Ali a is the monster

  • Reynaldo Paredez
    Reynaldo Paredez  2 months ago

    Same exact face for every video and it getting annoying

  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh  2 months ago

    A sea water Llama

  • MiddleFoot
    MiddleFoot  2 months ago

    My theory on how the monster got here remember in season 6 when people started to see the iceberg people thought it was floating towards the island on its own that’s wrong the monster was under the iceberg carrying the iceberg towards us then when the meteor hit polar peak it akawkened the monster that brought the iceberg towards us.

  • Kay May
    Kay May  2 months ago

    8:49 its a lama lol😭😭😂

  • Its Lewi
    Its Lewi  2 months ago


  • Its Lewi
    Its Lewi  2 months ago


  • Ultra instincts超本能

    Who is here after the event 😀🤪

  • Avengers Rayen
    Avengers Rayen  2 months ago

    And them there will be robot vs monster

  • Lorenzo Viray
    Lorenzo Viray  2 months ago


  • Shyann Weaver
    Shyann Weaver  2 months ago

    Who else is here after the event of the fight✋🏼

  • Pupet the Plush
    Pupet the Plush  2 months ago +1

    who’s here after the robot vs monster event?

    FENIX SCP  2 months ago


  • sham8864
    sham8864  2 months ago

    You are cool

  • Gaming Kid
    Gaming Kid  3 months ago

    my guess: one egg went missing at the end of season 7 that was the monsters egg he grew up under the castle until now when he left now he is gonna revenge for being trapped and he will destroy neo tilted because the claw marks are next to a picture of neo tilted if you noticed and the cube is there too but i don't know about that yet