I Bought My Wife Her Dream Car BMW X6 For Christmas From COPART

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 12, 2018
  • In This Video I will show you how I Bought My Wife Affordable BMW x6 For Christmas From COPART.

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  • PokPokChickenGod
    PokPokChickenGod  1 months ago

    What is the music playing from 6:29 to 8:10 please

  • Fady Mikhail
    Fady Mikhail  1 months ago

    Happy life happy wife

  • MagicPLNL
    MagicPLNL  3 months ago

    nice one....

  • tdo7125
    tdo7125  3 months ago

    Great job man 👍

  • Eriq Pollard
    Eriq Pollard  3 months ago

    Bought My Wife

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta  4 months ago

    only idiot woman can dream bmw car, bmw not has made anythink good guality car newer.big shit.

  • Faisal Yousaf
    Faisal Yousaf  4 months ago

    old one i have new one

  • First Last
    First Last  5 months ago

    Great work inspiring

  • Nuris Erkinbaev
    Nuris Erkinbaev  5 months ago

    И про Лексус 350 сделай обзор на русском языке

  • Nuris Erkinbaev
    Nuris Erkinbaev  5 months ago

    Машина с какого года и во сколько он встал вместе с ремонтом?Было бы круто если бы ты еще на русском обяснил бы что к чему

  • Eric Leblanc
    Eric Leblanc  5 months ago

    Would have loved to see how you took the front bumper apart and the rear one if you did it. Not easy finding info on youtube on that

    G.J. KOSTER  5 months ago

    I hope your wife has better taste in men!

  • Eduardo Tarusov
    Eduardo Tarusov  5 months ago

    Wow. Half of million views. Who knew? :)

  • Eli Acosta
    Eli Acosta  6 months ago

    How much did you pay total for this vehicle

  • Roz Christopherson
    Roz Christopherson  6 months ago

    Amazing transformation !!!! 😃👍

  • Антон_ К
    Антон_ К  6 months ago

    Cool car, and the color is awesome!) 👍👌✌😉

  • Fusion illusions
    Fusion illusions  7 months ago

    Was searching for how to wax my Lambo and not sure how I ended here. I smashed my 2019 7series last week having fun in the desert road let me know if you want to rebuild it. From Dubai

  • Hai Kim
    Hai Kim  7 months ago

    My dream x6!!

  • Hai Kim
    Hai Kim  7 months ago

    The bmw X6;It is my dream. Thank you very much.

  • J Pratt
    J Pratt  7 months ago

    This dude sounds like Dracula