I Bought My Wife Her Dream Car BMW X6 For Christmas From COPART

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 12, 2018
  • In This Video I will show you how I Bought My Wife Affordable BMW x6 For Christmas From COPART.Please Share this videohttps://cnclips.net/video/nV9bUbdFyfM/video.html *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! *Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/salvagemasterv


  • Genes  1 years ago

    No gas, ice cold engine, FULL THROTTLE LET'S GO!!

  • alexx  2 months ago

    @Bryan Bolden lolololol :D

  • Bryan Bolden  5 months ago

    You can clearly see the engine oil temp gauge is not even registering a temp yet! On top of the fact he had 5 miles to empty! Smh

  • Wavy Kay  1 years ago

    The x6’s body lines are so damn smooth it looks like a sedan some times

  • The Hawk  12 days ago

    @shadow ghost So don't say it no more...lol

  • shadow ghost  2 months ago

    I hate the word sedan it's over used

  • BaeThe3rd  1 years ago

    Cringe for flooring the car when the engine is still cold....

  • heimerisbae  5 months ago

    @Always be Smart u stupid?

  • Mr.Hedgehog  5 months ago

    In his defense, he did have the high beams on...

  • Jason Samuelite  10 months ago

    Every Russian Guy “I DRIVE SALVAGE BMW I FIX IT “

  • therealruss  4 months ago

    Every American guy “ I drive my grandmas Oldsmobile all I afford it”

  • Erik  5 months ago

    In Russian people speak bullshit @nopochki

  • josh taylor  1 years ago

    Rip engine life

  • HATE ME lol

  • David  1 years ago

    it doesnt even matter if u drive it when its cold. the engine gets warm when u drive it. idle the car is such waste of time. recommend to get a engine heater.

  • Ben Hart  1 years ago

    Only 15k damn that’s impressive

  • Garrett White  12 months ago

    Been Trill 73,000 miles

  • JtQFp  1 years ago

    Watching this at x1.25 speed

  • Valentino  1 years ago

    Great video love this exact x6 body style. Nice work.

  • SalvageMasterV  1 years ago

    Thank you

  • hello  6 months ago

    PRIVET Hopefully you get lifetime of sloppy wet blowies at the snap of a finger my good man paka

  • Seong Hong  1 years ago

    Wait, is the temperature gauge broken or did you full throttle it from cold? Mad respect to you rebuilding the car but yeah

  • Seong Hong  1 years ago

    SalvageMasterV I see, didn't notice that, thanks for the tip, keep up your work!

  • Always be Smart  1 years ago

    U know modern cars are build to do that.............