Reacting To When We Got HYPNOTIZED!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 15, 2019
  • Can’t believe it’s finally here! It’s been over a year and they still never watched it 😂


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  • RHC3n
    RHC3n  12 hours ago

    Is it just me or why does Nessa have super manly lookin legs 😂

  • Jeanelle Laxa
    Jeanelle Laxa  yesterday +1

    6:25 Alex was flirting with Vanessa lol

  • Rainbow Ryan
    Rainbow Ryan  5 days ago

    Another one

  • Sugar Update
    Sugar Update  6 days ago +1

    0:31 look at Aaron looking at Roni 🥺

  • Moe and dede
    Moe and dede  7 days ago


  • pmv artists
    pmv artists  7 days ago

    Get hypnotized by Glenn rottmann

  • donut iceing
    donut iceing  7 days ago

    i think you should do more vidos with veronica and vanessa and Aaron

  • neziel regner
    neziel regner  7 days ago

    10:07 there faces tho haha I died of laughter

  • Rileigh Stebbins
    Rileigh Stebbins  7 days ago

    I think they had some twin telepathy mind blocker thing so the hypnosis didn’t work as well for them

  • Samantha Homick
    Samantha Homick  7 days ago

    Pleaseee do a reaction of fan fiction and another hypnosis video

  • Keni F.
    Keni F.  7 days ago

    Yes and I want ronron ik n the hypnotism video

  • Dogs 4life
    Dogs 4life  7 days ago


  • Aye Nako
    Aye Nako  7 days ago +1

    Anyone else think that this is kind of the new sister squad?

  • Bilqees Saddiq
    Bilqees Saddiq  7 days ago

    1:29 lololol

  • Levi
    Levi  7 days ago

    Your in the new house, DO IT!!!!! Bring The hypnotist!

  • Salima Lazrak
    Salima Lazrak  14 days ago

    Why is absolutely nobody talking about the end?!! I've replayed it like three times and I still can't breathe hahahahaha

  • Joselyn Gomez
    Joselyn Gomez  14 days ago

    Me gustme gustaba más caeliyt sin ofender quiero decir que me gusta más porque puedo relacionarme mejor con ella

  • Ninja is the best Momo
    Ninja is the best Momo  14 days ago +1

    At 5:39 veroinica folded her legs than Aaron put his arm around her leg it’s so cute

  • hope dircksen
    hope dircksen  14 days ago

    i want this next hypnosis video to come out now

  • Mariya Ahmed
    Mariya Ahmed  14 days ago

    Ron Ron