I Just Bought The Cheapest Lamborghini In The Country!

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 19, 2018
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    I just bought a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, and as it turns out, it was the cheapest (and roughest) example in the country. This is gonna be fun. Or terrifying.

    Special thanks to Hoovie's Garage►https://cnclips.net/channel/UCdEczn3MVkx_4PnMZ10MVFA

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  • Tavarish
    Tavarish  a years ago +1974

    ...and it's not just ANY Lambo. It has a few goodies that make it special. Stick around and find out.

  • Morph Gang
    Morph Gang  22 hours ago +1

    Welcome to the lambo family

  • Jurgen Betz
    Jurgen Betz  2 days ago

    Should be on 2 hydraulic struts and make fake vroom vrooom sounds, for kids!

  • Drake Tamer
    Drake Tamer  5 days ago

    When you make the claim to make this the best youtube car in the world, and then buy a second Lambo.

  • S Dew
    S Dew  5 days ago

    "it can do 1600 hp",, no it cant, it wont get 3000+ refs, and wont go into gear, their is a reason why someone sold it so "cheap", because it will probably cost the same amount of money to fix!, and than you might as well buy a new one!.

  • King Louie
    King Louie  5 days ago

    Those red wheels 🤮

  • Gta YF8
    Gta YF8  7 days ago

    What does he have in his head 2:08

  • MoChI's HeArTuE
    MoChI's HeArTuE  7 days ago

    It’s still a lambo

  • stonesthrow420
    stonesthrow420  7 days ago

    My Uncles best friends' cousins roommate, had 3 kids that grew up in Brooklyn that knew a guy that had a brother that was related to a bartender that married his moms best friend in high school who had 3 dogs and a cat......bought something cheaper.

  • My Dixie Wrecked
    My Dixie Wrecked  7 days ago


  • Ivan Jasper
    Ivan Jasper  7 days ago

    I’m here for nostalgia reasons

  • Dave Forton
    Dave Forton  14 days ago

    And somehow I've never seen a Gallardo.

  • Ante
    Ante  14 days ago

    Al i Wanted to now was how it sounds

  • Kyle Z
    Kyle Z  14 days ago

    Why does this sound like a Donut Media video about Lamborghini's history?

  • Kristijan Lisičak

    HAHAHA Love the line from "Happy Golmore"

  • GrimReaper4383
    GrimReaper4383  14 days ago

    Wasn't the Viper's V10 an 8.2liter?

  • Mr Nothing
    Mr Nothing  21 days ago

    Um in my country normal price of gallardo is 75k

  • Jaime De Alba
    Jaime De Alba  21 days ago

    Were is the yellow lambo

  • 3DGEM3
    3DGEM3  21 days ago

    Still not road legal...

  • Henry Francis
    Henry Francis  21 days ago +2

    +1 for use of James May clip “philistine!”