Joel Klatt: Nick Saban was 'thoroughly outcoached' in the National Championship | CFB | UNDISPUTED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • Joel Klatt joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the College Football National Championship Game. Hear why he thinks Alabama Crimson Tide HC Nick Saban was thoroughly outcoached by Clemson Tigers' Dabo Swinney.

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    Joel Klatt: Nick Saban was 'thoroughly outcoached' in the National Championship | CFB | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Is Clemson the team to beat next season?

    • Bert Hughes
      Bert Hughes  6 days ago

      +s torres I like the guy, I was with him all the way til he started insinuating that Dabo prepared all month for Alabama, and just knew they'd beat ND and 'Bama would beat OU. That's nonsense. I have no doubt they saved some looks on D and motion/formations on offense for a rainy day. Then pulled out everything for the NC game, regardless of whether it was 'Bama. No rigging (seriously? That's next to impossible), no overlooking the #3 undefeated team, and no disrespecting ND or OU, bc even tho Clemson and Alabama were certainly better, no win is automatic

    • Bert Hughes
      Bert Hughes  6 days ago

      Yes they will be. But hopefully the pollsters put us at #2 all year.... that seems to be motivation for us, and also #1 loses in the playoff every year lol

    • _ _
      _ _  7 days ago

      Nk ..0jn

  • x1990x
    x1990x  5 days ago

    Skip is a Nick Saban hater but I actually think he made some great points in this video about the adjustments Saban does or lack there of.

  • Hankerson Photography & Video

    I guess Skip doesn't care for Saban.

  • Jeff
    Jeff  6 days ago

    what it would have been any different if Nick Saban had taken out Tulligiuliva as quarterback early on, and put in Jalen Hurts?

  • Bray
    Bray  6 days ago

    Obviously shows like this exist on drama, and Skip is the king of drama and stupid statements, but this man has lost his mind if he or anyone else believes that Saban's legacy has taken a hit because of 1 game. 6 Nattys and THIS game defines his career? Psh that is stupid to even think about. And another thing, anyone who believes Alabama won't be back and as strong as ever next year, get ready. Anyone standing in their way will get bulldozed. No feet off the gas this year. But Kudos to Clemson, they showed up and showed out this year.

  • Tj Adams
    Tj Adams  6 days ago

    First Time I agreed with all three of them. This was bad

  • sarge1231
    sarge1231  6 days ago

    Can we all agree that Dabo and Clemson can not get anywhere near the ROY bus now.

  • Masen Eric
    Masen Eric  7 days ago

    This Clemson game was the worst thing to happen to Alabama since Brown vs the Board of Education

  • Bert Hughes
    Bert Hughes  7 days ago +1

    Been a Clemson fan since I was a kid, with whole family of Gamecocks fans, I had to be different. Born in '82, so wasn't even around for the '81 championship and never thought I'd see my Tigers win a Natty, much less two! Super proud, but I don't want this to go to their heads. Alabama got blown out bc they just expect to make plays and win just by showing up. Dabo and Brent out coached Saban, Clemson out played 'Bama, and the players just wanted it more. I don't want them to become complacent like 'Bama seems to be. And I really like Klatt, but the idea that Dabo allowed his team to overlook Notre Dame and prepare for 'Bama is absurd. You could argue that ND and Alabama are similar scheme wise (NOT talent wise), while Clemson and Oklahoma are not, and that helped Clemson prepare better, sure. But to insinuate Dabo brushed off ND is insanity. Last but not least, I hope this puts to rest the idea that ND didn't belong. Clemson beat Alabama by more than they beat ND. So in hindsight, the Irish were right where they should've been #GoTigers #Allin #NationalChamps

  • Mark Leopard
    Mark Leopard  7 days ago

    The Sec was exposed by Clemson and Texas.

  • Tom
    Tom  7 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like that fortnite character

  • Captain Galaxy
    Captain Galaxy  7 days ago

    Add to that, his team was outplayed, outclassed, out maneuvered and outmanned. Defeat was thorough, all-encompassing. You pick the category, d- or o- The Tigers had the advantage.

  • illtrollurmom
    illtrollurmom  7 days ago

    "SeC Is thE BesT ConFErEnCE"
    - Retards

  • willie broadnex
    willie broadnex  7 days ago

    Exactly everybody saying Alabama lost on purpose. In every single aspect Clemson just out coached and out played Alabama bottom line. Bottom line!!

  • Clinton Cross
    Clinton Cross  7 days ago

    He can't get the job done

  • Clinton Cross
    Clinton Cross  7 days ago

    Nick when he is big game

  • Randall Madison
    Randall Madison  7 days ago

    Lmfao. I don't even like Saban, but these fair weather analysts are a joke. They have loved Saban for years. Saban has a system. He believes in that system and it has brought championships. Rush the quarterback and play press coverage. Clemson receivers won the battle. Clemson offensive line won the battle. What has been the formula is now criticized? Tip your cap to Clemson. DBs will have more experience next season. And Saban will rush the quarterback and play press coverage.

  • Clinton Cross
    Clinton Cross  7 days ago

    Nick got NFL in game

  • Aaron George
    Aaron George  7 days ago

    Listening to Skip is like listening to a cat tell a dog how to bark

  • 4thlord51
    4thlord51  8 days ago

    I think Nick Saban should be on the cover of Madden with drake. I know his team isn't in the NFL but I'm just saying he'd look good on it. After a terrible ending to his season, he needs to improve his image.