Relaxing Jazz Music - Background Chill Out Music - Music For Relax,Study,Work

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 27, 2017
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  • Relaxing Jazz Music.

  • SleeP Less  5 days ago

    Cafe Music BGM channel Can't explain . GREAT

  • viktoria wolf  7 months ago


  • Kid With A Phone  2 years ago

    You like jazz?

  • Конечно

  • Andryanto Yohanes  18 hours ago

    Of course

  • Jin Sato  8 months ago

    Imagine arriving at the airport in the evening after a business trip, getting soaking wet under the rain on your way home from the subway station, finally opening the door, leaving your shoes, wet coat at the entrance, only to take a long relaxing shower. You then put on your boxers and t-shirt and sit on the couch, looking at the pouring rain outside, while sipping some warm tea. This music is playing.

  • Ayman Lebzar  3 days ago

    You 're a great Writer

  • got some really bad chills thx sooo good i need to do that

  • Kirsten Leak  3 months ago

    I spent way too long procrastinating and reading these comments....MUST. START. ASSIGNMENT.

  • xXFLAME BOIIXx  yesterday


  • u fucking read my mind hahahhahaha ALLOWED ME TO REENTER REALITY !! *snappingBack*

  • Ian the Bubbian  3 months ago

    My friends: What kind of music do you listen to?Me: JazzMy friends: HahahahahaMe:

  • Sean Lewis  4 days ago

    Good music for a first date at your place ;)

  • miles wallace  20 days ago

    there are some amazing folks in the comments on this one, call me , my name is miles wallace 510-513-3221

  • Penelope Lambson  5 months ago

    For dreamers, romantics, thinkers, creators, and anyone not afraid to be in touch with themselves. This music soothes one into very individual emotion and thought.

  • Scarlet8 Select  16 days ago

    @Lorenzo De Abreu You took my words out of context. I meant if you are a man, you want the right woman and if you are a woman, you want the right man. Gay is wrong and I in no way meant that.

  • Lorenzo De Abreu  17 days ago

    That's kinda gay

  • Hana Jais  4 months ago

    Imagine you in the cafe and it's raining outside. You're holding a nice warm coffee. You're thinking about your loved one and you smile alone.

  • 7shinta7  9 days ago

    @reginald auguste A good cigar should not be spoiled by drinks.

  • 경규영  15 days ago

    Yes, now start to rain in korea jeju island... the music is so nice and make me happy...

  • ariel twentyseven  8 months ago

    jazz music is a glimpse of heaven 💛

  • Raxit  1 months ago

    If my violent, alcoholic grandfather has been listening to this shit for 45 years now, I actually feel sorry for him.

  • Paula Morris  8 months ago

    Reminds me of my sister's old club in Houston called Jerry's brother in law would sit at his piano and play all night long with the band in the background while the patrons danced lightly around the dance floor under the skylights that let the moon shine in on some nights...what a beautiful first memory of jazz....

  • Drdavis Garth  25 days ago

    Greetings from Dr Davis Garth

  • Devils Trash Can  6 months ago

    Dammit. I came here for music to use on a meme, but ended up listening to about 20 mins of Jazz and reading comments .-.

  • Comic Boy's  1 months ago

    Me too

  • Don Mershon  2 months ago

    Doing that now 😂😂😂😂