Relaxing Jazz Music - Background Chill Out Music - Music For Relax,Study,Work

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 27, 2017
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  • Cafe Music BGM channel
    Cafe Music BGM channel  7 days ago +70

    The number of views exceeded 20 million!
    Thank you all!!

  • Jin Sato
    Jin Sato  10 months ago +1600

    Imagine arriving at the airport in the evening after a business trip, getting soaking wet under the rain on your way home from the subway station, finally opening the door, leaving your shoes, wet coat at the entrance, only to take a long relaxing shower. You then put on your boxers and t-shirt and sit on the couch, looking at the pouring rain outside, while sipping some warm tea. This music is playing.

  • Elena Petkova
    Elena Petkova  14 days ago +182

    I was listening to that in my garden , and when I stopped it accidentally I heard my neighbor saying: oh no don't stop it, from his garden.... 😂😂😂

  • Hana Jais
    Hana Jais  6 months ago +1192

    Imagine you in the cafe and it's raining outside. You're holding a nice warm coffee. You're thinking about your loved one and you smile alone.

  • Ian the Bubbian
    Ian the Bubbian  5 months ago +832

    My friends: What kind of music do you listen to?
    Me: Jazz
    My friends: Hahahahaha

  • Dziaba Dziaba
    Dziaba Dziaba  yesterday +6

    perfect for playing minecraft and building
    just perfect

  • Poles l
    Poles l  19 hours ago +2

    I love the smell of a real brewed coffee in a coffee shop and the Relaxing jazz music...

  • GE7
    GE7  1 months ago +83

    I’ve only got one question for you:
    Ya like Jazz?

  • Kirsten Leak
    Kirsten Leak  5 months ago +726

    I spent way too long procrastinating and reading these comments....MUST. START. ASSIGNMENT.

  • Penelope Lambson
    Penelope Lambson  7 months ago +578

    For dreamers, romantics, thinkers, creators, and anyone not afraid to be in touch with themselves. This music soothes one into very individual emotion and thought.

  • Seal6x PUBG MOBILE
    Seal6x PUBG MOBILE  2 years ago +2504

    Close your eyes: picture yourself at your New York pent house on a rainy day staring out the window while sipping on a good glass of wine.

  • Armin Dzonlagic
    Armin Dzonlagic  4 months ago +93

    Whoever reads this, I love you. <3

  • creamcolouredponies x
    creamcolouredponies x  7 months ago +244

    I'm not sure where this jazz kick came from, but suddenly it's all I'm listening to.

  • Chiara Consoli
    Chiara Consoli  6 months ago +44

    I suffer from an anxiety disorder and this really helps to relax me. Thank you.

  • Madison B
    Madison B  7 months ago +180

    I have ADHD and this helps me clear my mind and relax. Thanks!

  • Streetwise Tellyvision
    Streetwise Tellyvision  5 months ago +132

    Jazz is the most underrated genre in all of music PERIOD

  • iiRxbloxianAlex
    iiRxbloxianAlex  5 months ago +96

    Who needs rap when you got this jazz?
    Like its so calm and beautiful I even do my writing assignments with this music on!

  • Christopher Mann
    Christopher Mann  1 months ago +40

    Thank you so much for this musical gift. I'm an old man, so forgive me a longish story: after listening for a while, the floodgates of memory burst open and I knew what this music reminded me of: I graduated from high school in 1978, and in the mid-to-late 80's, a friend from high school rented an apartment that was basically the upstairs of an old Victorian house (I remember listening to the radio while helping her paint her bedroom, and hearing the first reports of the Chernobyl disaster coming in). After she got settled, she held a sort of semi-weekly party/salon for a group of our high school friends, girlfriends, and assorted new friends that had stayed in the area after high school and college (the area being Roanoke, VA). I remember climbing out of her bedroom window onto the flat roof of the porch below. A bottle or two would pass around, we looked at the stars, and we talked about life, the universe, and everything. That's MY memory embedded in this music - the best of good times. Probably impossible to repeat in the smartphone era, alas.

  • Israel Galivjan
    Israel Galivjan  5 months ago +220

    To everyone who loves jazz. I just want to spread you the feeling of being warmly accepted, whilst holding a cup of coffee ☕
    EDIT: thanks for the likes ♥

  • Kid With A Phone
    Kid With A Phone  2 years ago +2496

    You like jazz?