From Broken to Blissful

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
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  • chris chabra
    chris chabra  yesterday

    Full of piss and

  • Louis Ciociola
    Louis Ciociola  10 days ago

    Who puts down a 12 week old puppy, thank you for people like you, who save the babies and help them heal.

  • Caj Sheen
    Caj Sheen  11 days ago

    Great work! God Bless. X

  • Lisa W
    Lisa W  14 days ago

    What a cutie 😍😍😍

  • Unique Gonzalez
    Unique Gonzalez  23 days ago

    Either that was a hand or a blanket

  • Ann Lindsay Wright

    Another life saved. Thank you Vet Ranch.

  • Wawa Willegers
    Wawa Willegers  1 months ago

    Handsome little boy with amazing character. The adopters will be pleased to have him around.
    Thank you doctor, you are an 😇

  • Stephen Portman
    Stephen Portman  1 months ago


  • MelC
    MelC  1 months ago

    Sad to think he was going to be euthanized for a broken leg. He's so full of life!
    Happy tears...he was saved.

  • Ella Morring
    Ella Morring  1 months ago

    That's the most puppyish puppy I've ever seen...

  • Peggy Araque
    Peggy Araque  1 months ago


  • Skitter McMillen
    Skitter McMillen  1 months ago

    He's so innocent and derpy!

  • Manic Optio
    Manic Optio  1 months ago

    amazes me how it seems to be a policy to euthanise so often over in the states for minor things

  • Fast Internet
    Fast Internet  2 months ago

    Im a cold hearted piece of shit. But this makes me cry

  • Fast Internet
    Fast Internet  2 months ago

    Bork bork num num

  • Seamus Ó Raghallaigh

    Great vid. How do I adopt Dr Carrie??

  • Monty Leverett
    Monty Leverett  2 months ago

    How do you spend so much time with these pups and not take them home? I couldn't do it! Thank you all for all you do!

  • Angela Moorehouse
    Angela Moorehouse  2 months ago

    plz have a to show. I love yall

  • Arlin Perez
    Arlin Perez  2 months ago

    I absolutely LOVE Karri's baby voice! You can tell how much she loves these beautiful babies. We need more people like everybody at Vet Ranch!

  • Chunk Sawastuk
    Chunk Sawastuk  2 months ago

    Omg I want him so fucking bad😢 I just lost my 11 month old pit Benny he was so sweet to everyone but for some reason didn't like people with mental disabilities and my sister has them and he bit off her lip ik I sound like a bitch for saying I miss the dog even know he bit my sister but my sister is so oblivious sha didn't cry she wasn't traumatized the scar completely faded and it's only been 3 months since she got bit.. I'm not saying I would change what happened I wouldn't pick Benny over my sister at all but she completely fine fr and Benny was a sweet boy he was so cute and a big dummy he was scared of everything too he got his ass beat by our car and has a big strong pitbull but he just got aggressive around people with mental disabilities😧 btw my sister wasn't diagnosed with any disabilities but she learns slow and is socially weird and she's 10 just thought I should throw that out there.. anyway long story short my baby Benny had to be in a shelter to be tested to make sure he dosnt give my sister anything he was in there for 11 fucking days got so depressed and stoped eatting and like I said he's scared of everything and all the other dogs around him were fucking crazy and wild, I went to see him before they put him to sleep and it mentally killed me his eyes were so lifeless and looked at me like "why did you do this to me" I'll never be the same I forgive him he's just a baby

    • Chunk Sawastuk
      Chunk Sawastuk  2 months ago

      +Nothing in Particular my sister didn't really react but she is like a normal person my dog could sence she was scared deep down and he knew she was weak, I meant cat that's why we trusted him because he was a pussy he didn't true and attack out cat so why would be attack his "owner"

    • Nothing in Particular
      Nothing in Particular  2 months ago

      Chunk Sawastuk not to be the drama queen but if your sister has disabilities you should’ve seen if the dog was comfortable around her before adopting/buying it. He also probably got aggressive because he was afraid of her. Anyways, the fact that this dog was put down because of this is really unfortunate. Who made the decision to put him down? Your parents? I’m sorry if I sound a bit rude. But what problems does your sister show? She could be autistic? I wouldn’t self diagnose her. Maybe you guys could get her professionally diagnosed? Also I’d be screeching and crying on the floor if a dog bit me in the lip.. and she didn’t even react?! I mean— I got bit in the lip from a chihuahua and darn that hurt. But.. you’re talking about a bigger dog. Also what do you mean the dog got his ass beat by a car?