Ellen's Favorite Funny Ladies: Amy Schumer

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 11, 2015
  • If anyone knows how to describe the challenges of eating popcorn, it's Amy Schumer. The comedian shared this and a lot of other funny anecdotes when she visited Ellen this season, and it was too good to enjoy only once.


  • LeeAnn Maul
    LeeAnn Maul  13 hours ago

    I love her!! Lolz!!

  • Mayte Saucedo
    Mayte Saucedo  23 hours ago

    Omg she is so funny

  • Debora Amanuel
    Debora Amanuel  3 days ago

    I love you ellen.😘💕😍😜
    If you love her as well then give a thumb up
    for me and ellen.

  • ahjumas
    ahjumas  3 days ago

    i can’t find the food spotting app 😭

  • Katie
    Katie  6 days ago +1

    Everything Amy says sounds so scripted

  • Ede Martins
    Ede Martins  6 days ago

    Hellen am from Nigeria i love ur show wish i can see u

  • Mohammed 11
    Mohammed 11  7 days ago

    This is prolly like my 30th time watching this
    Love this☺️

  • Shannon Lynn
    Shannon Lynn  7 days ago +1

    It's 2019. This has been saved in my Watch Later for years... aaaaaand I do watch it later. Every few months, I just need a good laugh, and the Amy Schumer bit makes laugh to the point of crying every. single. time.

  • trancefamcanada
    trancefamcanada  14 days ago

    Ellen's laugh always has me cracking up. Love her haha

  • Hay BayBay
    Hay BayBay  14 days ago

    I don’t trust anybody who disliked this

  • Ivan Sampaio
    Ivan Sampaio  14 days ago

    She could play Mae West

  • Muhtar Habibllah
    Muhtar Habibllah  14 days ago

    So funny lady

  • Sarah  S.Khan
    Sarah S.Khan  14 days ago

    Seems like she wants a house from ellen :p

  • Mahendra sinh Palaniya

    i seen amy show

  • waheed ibrahimi
    waheed ibrahimi  14 days ago

    you are doing really Great jobs thank you a lot

  • Renáta Kóti
    Renáta Kóti  14 days ago

    there was no audience at the beginning or what?

  • Kleiner Schmetterling

    I LOVE the sounds Ellen makes.... hilarious

  • bjørn hagen
    bjørn hagen  21 days ago

    Amy Schumer are so beautifull ............

  • Kelly Rickard
    Kelly Rickard  21 days ago

    Laughed so hard I cried. Ellen's laugh as is contagious as Amy's hpv🤣🤣🤣

  • Psycho_livv
    Psycho_livv  21 days ago +1

    Can we just appreciate Ellen's laugh LOL