5 Things I LOVE About My R35 GT-R

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 4, 2019
  • Going over 5 things I love about my 2009 Nissan GT-R that I purchased at the salvage auto auction and rebuilt.

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  • Travis
    Travis  14 days ago +1

    Nice car man. That’s exactly how I want mine to look. I’m getting a red 2012 gtr in the next 3-4 weeks.

  • Robbie
    Robbie  4 months ago

    Get a new hood. That fitment is aweful.

  • Oleg Kravtsov
    Oleg Kravtsov  4 months ago

    Looks like Kobi dog approves!

  • Johnny JP
    Johnny JP  4 months ago +1

    Very Nice i like Nissan too that's why i have a versa Note

  • Teaching BIG
    Teaching BIG  4 months ago

    I SHOCKED you let kobi ride in the GT-R! It is becoming more and more our family car! Hahaha ❤️ I love you and am so incredibly proud of you.

  • A Yates
    A Yates  4 months ago

    You're such a genuine guy! Your wife is a lucky woman!

  • Scott Norris
    Scott Norris  4 months ago

    Why no a/c?

  • Joe Teasdale
    Joe Teasdale  4 months ago

    Slow content day ? That hood needs a adjustment. Looks bad.

  • Mrflash222006
    Mrflash222006  4 months ago

    I have no dreams, ambition went out the window years ago - welcome to my world

  • SourBogBubble
    SourBogBubble  4 months ago


  • Chris Vectra
    Chris Vectra  4 months ago

    That hood fit is awful

  • Dominic Ene
    Dominic Ene  4 months ago +2

    Great message to live by. The Maximas are great cars I have a 98.

  • Ondřej Gahura
    Ondřej Gahura  4 months ago

    bro what wheels are those?

  • P Ingwer
    P Ingwer  4 months ago +1

    The Nissan NV350 is coming along nicely

  • Marcos Ortiz
    Marcos Ortiz  4 months ago +3

    Yo that car looks better in person, thanks my guy

  • Vincent Blue
    Vincent Blue  4 months ago +2

    Shaun I appreciate that qoute I want a 06 Chevy Impala lt and a bubble Chevy and I'm get them well one are the other more likely the Impala

  • Will R
    Will R  4 months ago +1

    Sean, you are ROCKIN the content!!! It is 🎇

  • Ant's garage
    Ant's garage  4 months ago +1

    You're much appreciated as well man✌

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M  4 months ago +3

    People can say what they want Nissan is Nissan 🇯🇵💪💪

  • pmedic88
    pmedic88  4 months ago +1

    when you delivered that GTR to that Indian guy i knew you were going to get one. where are the zzzzzs did i miss something?