Is this even safe? Wrecked Smashed Copart SuperBike Rebuild Part 1

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 15, 2019
  • The SuperBike rebuild is here! Lets check for damage.Follow me on Instagram @ #resurrectthewreck #superbikerebuild #copartmotorcycle


  • Rohit Verma  3 months ago

    thank you, this is the content i was looking for...Everyone seems to be building a lambo

  • Ching Dingaling  3 months ago

    Acceleration215 because it brings views, and money. If they keep building basics than only a few fans would stick around while the others went to those with a lambo rebuild. YouTube is a business. If you don’t understand business you won’t understand why they bought lambos.

  • Acceleration215  3 months ago

    I so agree with you I mean everyone even the ones whom said they will never buy nor fix one are building one.

  • H&P Customs  3 months ago

    Yes this is safe to do I’ve done 4 of them. Did my second Hayabusa 2 years ago and I still run the piss out of it today.

  • H&P Customs  3 months ago

    lookmom nobrakes Because tons of people make shitty life decisions, they are mad and jealous of other people doing well that’s all. Haters don’t bother me anyways it just means I’m doing something correct.

  • lookmom nobrakes  3 months ago

    luther joyce why are there always people like you lmao

  • D C  3 months ago

    Bring it back to factory new condition what a machine 😁

  • Dave Brittain  3 months ago

    Agreed !

  • Bowsette  3 months ago

    That poor bike got laid down hard. I hope the rider is ok. Can’t wait to see this one finished 💯❤️

  • mike masse  3 months ago

    Replace that chain and sprockets dude

  • Steve Minch  3 months ago

    Wahoo a channel that's fixing bikes thank you for the video I've been commenting on other channels about rebuilding bikes I'm not a bike person butI they seem like a easy cheap rebuild

  • Nardo grey with Red Candy or white with radioactive green!

  • H&P Customs  3 months ago

    Ok ok I’m stealing your front desk idea for sure.

  • Trevor Nelmes  3 months ago

    Should be interesting to see you progress with this. As someone else said, that rear sprocket is past done. I would never buy a bike with one worn like that, and that chain is beyond redemption. The rust will have done too much damage already. Just spring for a new Did chain and hardened front and rear sprockets. White panels and red frame and wheels? Awful. If you don't paint the red bits (assuming you don't need to) go black with the panels. The tank is also toast. Way cheaper to replace. Get the eng...

  • Yes it is safe I got a good deal on a 2006 Kawasaki ZZR600 and it runs and ride just damaged body work panels and get this it's my first bike