a cup of lofi #2 [lofi / jazzhop / chill beats]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 9, 2019
  • 💽 Available on Digital Platforms & Vinylhttps://fanlink.to/acupoflofi2☕ The Jazz Hop Café Records presents the long overdue sequelto 'a cup of lofi #1'. Another compilation album packed with an assorted range of lofi beats, from emerging talent to the artists you know and love.01 00:00 sad boy with a laptop - coffee shop whispers02 01:52 hoogway - soulful eyes03 04:56 masked man - thoughts from the park04 07:10 shogonodo - Taupo05 09:16 U'nique Music - lofi noodles06 12:34 Chedum - Oroshi07 14:40 luvbird - forsaken times08 17:02 neeks - my heart wont stop asking more of you09 19:42 Oui Lele - Cosmic Dust10 21:56 Nohone - Nothing But A Dream11 24:50 Mujo - Don't Worry12 26:24 biosphere - life is simple13 29:20 Misc.Inc - Rooftop14 31:26 mr. hong - un.predictable15 34:14 xfruge - i'll be alright16 35:44 Cat Paw - respirando💽 Grab a cup of lofi #2 on Vinylhttps://fanlink.to/acupoflofi2☕ Follow The Jazz Hop Café on:• YouTube - https://youtube.com/thejazzhopcafe• Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/jazzhopcafe• Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/user/thejazz...• Bandcamp - http://jazzhopcafe.bandcamp.com• Facebook - https://facebook.com/jazzhopcafe• Twitter - http://twitter.com/jazzhopcafeFollow ► The Artists• sad boy with a laptop - https://soundcloud.com/sadboywithalaptop• hoogway - https://soundcloud.com/hoogway• masked man - https://soundcloud.com/masked-man-peace• shogonodo - https://soundcloud.com/shogonodo• U'nique Music - https://soundcloud.com/theuniquemusic• Chedum - https://soundcloud.com/chedum-68939671• luvbird - https://soundcloud.com/luvbirdbeats• neeks - https://soundcloud.com/nfzy• Oui Lele - https://soundcloud.com/ouilele• Nohone - https://soundcloud.com/nohone• Mujo - https://soundcloud.com/mujobeatz• biosphere - https://soundcloud.com/officialbiosphere• Misc.Inc - https://soundcloud.com/miscinc• mr. hong - https://soundcloud.com/mr_hong• xfruge - https://soundcloud.com/xfruge• Cat Paw - https://soundcloud.com/iamcatpawDesign By ► Gunseli Sepici• https://www.instagram.com/gunselisepici• https://gunseli.tumblr.com• https://gunselisepici.comMotion By ► White Coffee• https://soundcloud.com/roan-petten


  • The Jazz Hop Café
    The Jazz Hop Café  4 months ago +176

    We have Limited Edition Vinyl (Only 100 copies!)
    💽 Buy Now: https://fanlink.to/acupoflofi2

  • Schwifty Music
    Schwifty Music  4 months ago +1283

    Imagine waking up with such a view with this mix playing in your house 🏠🌅

  • •Waffle Cup•
    •Waffle Cup•  3 months ago +652

    Stop looking at the comments and do your hw!!!

  • Johnny Bytheway
    Johnny Bytheway  3 months ago +272

    I only select those thumbnails with relax and chilled thumbnails rather than depressed and misty thumbnails.

  • Eline's Happy Place
    Eline's Happy Place  4 months ago +818

    For the past few days I've been stressing way too much about anything and everything. Thinking about what the future will hold for you is exciting but can be terrifying as well. This music and image made me feel calm and appreciative of life again. For everyone struggling; remember you're not alone. There are so many beautiful things in this world. Life is so overwhelming and stressful at times, but those hard times will make the good times so much better. <3

  • Raven esque
    Raven esque  4 months ago +590

    The coffee steams, the dogs ears and tail twitches while the record in the player turns and the plants and the sea all gentle sway :3
    Edit: my irl curtains. sorry lol

  • 감하나.
    감하나.  3 days ago +8

    Sometimes you’re happy, Sometimes you’re sad, Sometimes you’re angry, Sometimes you love, But that’s what makes us human

  • zaahid ahmad
    zaahid ahmad  2 days ago +2

    Imagine waking up Monday morning listening to this while painting the wood with a joint of weed.. damn I love my life.. happy life guys..

  • the bootleg boy
    the bootleg boy  4 months ago +298

    love this, congrats on putting together such a sweet tape 💜

  • Holly Lynn Marie
    Holly Lynn Marie  yesterday +2

    I would be an early riser if I had a view like that to wake up to.

  • Mauricio.44
    Mauricio.44  4 months ago +76

    Having a cup of coffee while listening to this cup of lofi it's just the kind of relax I needed. Some friends are coming over tonight and I'm pretty sure we'll have a great time, but after a long work week I feel like these moments by myself are priceless.
    I don't see being alone as a bad thing anymore actually. Have a nice night you all:)

  • Titanic Sinclair
    Titanic Sinclair  3 days ago +2

    Bad feeling brought me here. I opened this sound and tidy my room. And i am feeling better now.🥰

  • Anuththara Fernando
    Anuththara Fernando  2 days ago +1

    I just finished my exams 😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😄
    Thank you so much for helping me throughout to relax

  • Fade A.
    Fade A.  2 days ago +1

    Help me growing, this is my first video.

  • Fade A.
    Fade A.  2 days ago +1

    Help me growing, this is my first video.

  • Franny Channy
    Franny Channy  2 months ago +45

    I wish I could live in this picture

  • xia's the name
    xia's the name  4 months ago +13

    this makes my weekend so much more enjoyable, thank you so much~

  • joshua woods
    joshua woods  4 months ago +87

    I got to take a test while listening to this, thanks for the relaxation.

  • Mitch Capps
    Mitch Capps  4 months ago +11

    somewhere to be
    & to know the names
    of each thing.

  • Crippling Depression In a bottle

    bro just imagine you have to pay money to listen to good audio in youtube
    Naaah, that's totally never happening..Right?