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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
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  • The DDG Family
    The DDG Family  4 months ago +3940

    If you dislike this video you gon die in 7 days... if you like you’ll live forever

  • MaxwellGaming RG
    MaxwellGaming RG  7 days ago

    Who watching this 3 or 4 months later in december

  • Michael Brioso
    Michael Brioso  26 days ago

    that so man to man shit

  • Detroit Bandit
    Detroit Bandit  26 days ago

    Bruh do all your subs a favor and send diamond back to Pontiac

  • AkaneSenju X ™
    AkaneSenju X ™  27 days ago

    Real Talk

  • Dennis Aduma
    Dennis Aduma  a months ago

    I would love to see ya together

  • Fossild216
    Fossild216  1 months ago

    Raid roach spray in the background lol

  • Splashh _goat
    Splashh _goat  1 months ago +1

    These ppls really posed for the thumbnail

  • Dee Evans
    Dee Evans  1 months ago

    This the most sense flight made in a long time

  • BigC90 90
    BigC90 90  2 months ago

    Flight words and phrases things so weird 😂😂😂

  • BigC90 90
    BigC90 90  2 months ago

    Shit then Diamond a savage

  • Philly Moss
    Philly Moss  2 months ago

    All these niggas neighbors

  • lynn carter
    lynn carter  3 months ago +1

    Ddg is so good looking, I wish was ten years younger I hit that

  • Capone Norris
    Capone Norris  3 months ago

    Mixed feeling ........have to admit .......don't know how to feel on one hand proud because y'all handling this situation like some real Goodfellas but y'all do Know that this is moderen day beef and solutions.......becaue late 90s early

    • Capone Norris
      Capone Norris  3 months ago

      Didn't get to finish thought......but like I was saying.....mid 90s early 2000s there was just meeting up and there would have been one less young man being robbed of their full potential in life.....so again mixed feeling proud of end result but reality is life is changing so if we can end beef with cordial conversation why even start with all the hype shit in the first place......it's distracting from the come up ....but I know y'all both made y'all bread off these videos.......not clot chasing just applauding y'all for how y'all handle that ......continue the growth ....period .......small things to a giant....be easy fellas

  • 600 Maneki
    600 Maneki  3 months ago

    Why these niggas look so happy lol but it’s BEEF!! 😂

  • Harry Jones
    Harry Jones  3 months ago

    why this nigga Ddg stay tryna look tuff boi u pussy we all know

  • Zorro
    Zorro  3 months ago

    Wow this sum real nigga shit

  • Fresh2000
    Fresh2000  3 months ago

    11:04 flight said it so causal though😭😭

  • FirstLadyJoy
    FirstLadyJoy  3 months ago +1

    Stay Woke! Keep Being Mature, Men...& Good For Y'all For Getting It Right!! 🙏 👑

  • Aeroina Turner
    Aeroina Turner  3 months ago

    Y'all really fighting