John Harbaugh Full Press Conference After Beating Rams | Baltimore Ravens

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 25, 2019
  • Head Coach John Harbaugh met with the media after Baltimore took down the Los Angeles Rams 45-6 on Monday Night Football.

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  • Kevin Porter
    Kevin Porter  1 months ago

    wasn't it nice to see the patriots get screwed by the refs...

  • aundria 7
    aundria 7  1 months ago

    I hope we play the 49ers with the same energy we played the Chiefs with, and come away with a win!!! #GORAVENS!!!

  • TJ Stacks
    TJ Stacks  1 months ago

    I always liked the coach style and passion of the Harbaugh Brother's especially John.

  • vince lawrence
    vince lawrence  1 months ago

    The worse thing in Pro football is the f-ing press conference , if you have already watched the game , what's with all the B S question, if you lose it's worse.

  • ComedyFamily
    ComedyFamily  1 months ago

    Right Matt ? Matt Judon's response -Yerp !!

  • steve t
    steve t  1 months ago

    Tucker wants out said he is not paid enough to kick this much every game.

  • Connie B
    Connie B  1 months ago

    Go to work on those guys—-SF—-you better beat them after you knocked out myRams.

  • Darryl West
    Darryl West  1 months ago +1

    The Ravens are the best team in the NFL, right Matt?

  • Brandon
    Brandon  1 months ago +1

    Having Lamar on offense + the ball-control + the ball-hawking success on D helps a lot, but this is also the most impressed I've been by our coaching possibly ever. We have some amazing talent for damn sure, but the coaches are maximizing the heck out of it

  • paul hicks
    paul hicks  1 months ago

    We bout dat! Going to win da Superbowl, yes sir!

  • Avery Timberlake
    Avery Timberlake  1 months ago

    Just me or does harbs seem agitated asf or way more than the usual

  • TJ Qwick
    TJ Qwick  1 months ago +1

    They straight up raped the Rams.... lol

  • Whysoserious
    Whysoserious  1 months ago +3

    Title should be renamed to “ full press conference as the ravens now hold Majority ownership of the LA Rams “

  • Animelytical
    Animelytical  1 months ago

    Convinced this game was a set-up to game the 49ers into expecting Lamar to do some power-running

  • Moses Walker
    Moses Walker  1 months ago


  • Cool HUTCH Hutchinson

    Do we met 🗣 nope 😂😂😂😂

  • Luke Puckett
    Luke Puckett  1 months ago


  • Frank Woods
    Frank Woods  1 months ago

    Next game could decide who coach of the year will be. Both Harbaugh and Shanahan are amazing right now and I can see this game being the tie breaker.

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green  1 months ago +3

    Its It's amazing how the Baltimore ravens went from a defensive team to a offensive team and still keep some of that old defense. Go ravens!!!!!

  • Shxfty Rulez
    Shxfty Rulez  1 months ago +1

    BigTrusss we’re winning the super bowl