BREAKING: Mike Conley TRADED to the Utah Jazz! BEST Highlights from 2018-19 NBA Season!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 19, 2019
  • Memphis has traded guard Mike Conley to the Utah Jazz for Grayson Allen, Kyle Korver and Jae Crowder, the 23rd pick in Thursday's Draft and a future first-round pick.📌 SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & COMMENT for MORE!📌 Follow our Instagram:📌 Follow our Twitter:▶️ WATCH HOH Originals:▶️ WATCH TTW Podcasts:▶️ WATCH Instagram Moments:▶️ WATCH 2018-19 Players Highlights:▶️ WATCH 2018-19 BEST Highlights:


  • Magic Man  27 days ago

    Grit and grind era is officially over

  • bob ak  23 days ago

    @the one and only big dynamo oh

  • DaraunTheMonk  26 days ago

    @Will Ballard he means the players like gasol Randolph Conley and Allen are all gone so chill TF out

  • Daniel Onuoha  27 days ago

    Lets go! D-Mitch could use the scoring help and his veteran leadership. And Conley is also good on defense.

  • jhaz89  19 days ago

    @Gaming With Chrissofly haha you're such a dumbass

  • Isome 369  25 days ago

    @Gaming With Chrissofly haha what a dumbass

  • Marcus Mckine  27 days ago

    I wish he was going to the East so he could be an All Star already. But he's definitely a baller and Utah would be great with him.

  • S RM  26 days ago

    @teeagibbs oooooh

  • teeagibbs  26 days ago

    Sebastian Ramos it still is each and west you just decide from east and west

  • 2k allday  27 days ago

    Mike got snubbed his whole nba carrer from the allstar game and 1st teams

  • John Davis  3 days ago


  • KINGSHOTTAH442  21 days ago

    Wouldn't say first teams but 3rd team all nbas he definitely deserved to be on a couple of those

  • Viral Klipz  27 days ago

    Take care of him Utah🙏🏽

  • Guy2010  22 hours ago

    We are glad to have him.

  • Joseph Cook  25 days ago

    We will take great care of him. We will always appreciate Memphis for this.

  • Jim Bob  27 days ago

    The Jazz could potentially have 3 allstars next year

  • Jim Bob  17 days ago

    @EmulatorGabriell 11 the only reason I said potentially is because the west is tough not because of his age the only age limit is 18 to be in NBA don't be surprised if he finishes out his career in Utah at 36

  • Mike's old to be an All Star

  • Zay Reactions  27 days ago

    Him and Mitchell about to go crazy man 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • aaron berhane  27 days ago

    Free agency is just getting started people 😂💪🏾

  • Exactly

  • Dicey YT  27 days ago

    How many times did y’all here “MIKE CONLEYYYY” from the announcer in the background lmao

  • Angel Marquez  27 days ago

    @Luis Montoya so annoying

  • IcyFrosty  27 days ago

    I went to a bunch of games so I heard all the time

  • CLOROX BLEACH  27 days ago

    Donovan Mitchell and Mike Conley gonna be scary

  • Harrison Lucas  26 days ago

    @Tylo Ren gobert is the hoghest percentage shooter in the league. He averaged 16 ppg. Idk why people want him to try developing a low efficiency shot.

  • Tylo Ren  27 days ago

    @Agent Xeno0 Ehhh, on D maybe. Gobert is a giant zero on offense unless it's an alley-oop cuz he wont get his butt into the gym to develop a shot he can use with his back to the basket. LAZY.