Tesla: The real cost of being out of warranty

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 1, 2018
  • Video on the dark side of Tesla ownership and how much you can expect to pay for out of warranty costs. Tesla needs to either open up their self diagnostic portal to the public or start dropping prices more dramatically. Or soon they will suffer the fate of being a dreaded “throwaway” car like the model 3 is soon headed to be.

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  • Philp Ttofari
    Philp Ttofari  4 days ago

    A bag of sand for a door handle ,fucking ludicrous.

  • Douglas Thompson
    Douglas Thompson  14 days ago

    Very educational. Glad I went with the Leaf Plus.

  • Sean
    Sean  21 days ago

    Some good points. However you forget a few main things.
    Telsa is the only company that has to deal with a multi trillion dollar fossil fuel industry that doesn't want them there. A Ice auto, dealer and parts industry that doesn't want them to succeed either.
    Just look at all the negative press for new Tesla cars now.
    Imagine they let everyone know how to repair cars.
    All it would take is for some one to reverse the power leads n shock or kill his dumbass. Headline "Tesla deadly"
    Or forget to tighten a bolt
    Headline " Tesla suspension flies off"
    Basically too much downside for company with too little upside.
    Hopefully Tesla starts a sub brand that is more DIY. Like a complete kit build. Community help with design idea and models. Tesla produces only the parts, which have warranties. Allowing people to make their own shops hint hint :-) an offer their full build out with shop warranty.
    However people could build it themselves. Parts should be plug n play almost like a giant lego set :) that would be awesome.
    Thanks for the video

  • gloombastic
    gloombastic  21 days ago

    Just convinced me never to buy a used out of warranty Tesla

  • tapetea
    tapetea  21 days ago

    Don't say anything negative or the SNOWFLAKES will melt.

  • Konqueror 1
    Konqueror 1  a months ago +1

    I actually convinced myself last week just by reading the Tesla forum board that a Tesla is NOT worth it! I am extremely disappointed as I wanted to purchase an M3. And now, I'm just here to confirm my suspicions. It turns out I was 100% RIGHT! Owners are complaining of doors opening on their own and to repair them cost a whopping $2,500! A/C compressors failing already, repair cost: $3,100! The touch screen display: $4,500! This is just the beginning. All the savings you can think of are completely wiped out after the warranty expires. How TF are these people going to sell their vehicles after extended warranty? I can fix every inch on my Tacoma WITH OEM PARTS... a Japanese DENSO A/C compressor cost me a whopping $145!!

    W T F was Elon thinking?!

  • crxdelsolsir
    crxdelsolsir  a months ago +1

    These are built to sucker the consumer hidden costs of long term ownership.

  • Curtis Klope
    Curtis Klope  a months ago

    I'm picking up a 2016.5 soon, glad to hear that it may not have as many of these issues... Thanks for everything you do for the community, Rich!

  • Gunni Bare
    Gunni Bare  a months ago

    I feel like in 10 more years i will own an eletric ACURA for $48000 witha great warranty and be able to do minor repairs myself ...

  • HereIgoAgain
    HereIgoAgain  a months ago

    I'm a Tesla fan boy and idolize Elon Musk .... but in 50 years of car ownership I have paid $0 on door handles. That is progress for someone!

  • Ellujammu
    Ellujammu  a months ago

    Those are obviously expensive not saying that, but there are hundreds of thousands of Tesla's on the roads. Some sort of average would tell us way more about the costs you are most likely going to get than couple guys with couple shitty Tesla's. Ofc with that expensive cars there shouldn't be that kind of issues but lets not assume every single Tesla on the road is the same.

  • J R
    J R  a months ago

    I’m glad that Rich Rebuilds gives legitimate information about Tesla. I could buy one but choose not to because of all of the horror stories I’ve heard about repeat repairs and lack of customer service. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think it is a good looking car. The interior feels cheap to me and if there wasn’t an enormous touch screen, I don’t think as many people would be attracted to it. The supercharger is the key to Tesla. Honestly, any large auto manufacturer could do what Tesla is doing and do it better. There is no secret to how Tesla works. Their patents are open to the public. The reason most automakers don’t try to compete head to head with Tesla is because they are already established manufacturers of ICE vehicles. They regurgitate the same old shit and continue to profit from it. The ICE has not evolved much in the last several decades.

  • Jose Mora
    Jose Mora  a months ago +1

    After listening all this I'm glad that I owned two Toyotas ✌️😁

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James  a months ago +1

    2:40 Why isn't that guy wearing eye protection. Thanks for posting!

  • Del Schier
    Del Schier  a months ago

    The prices are outrageous, Windshield $1700, headlight bulb $1600, roof weatherstripping $1800! I am not sure if I should keep the car.

  • Addicus Brown
    Addicus Brown  a months ago

    Thank you Rich. These are the answers I have been looking for on true repair costs and ownership. Not getting the service records is a big deal. I was looking at a 2012-13 and think I'll work on getting that 2015+ model now. Appreciate it.

  • Jstall7543
    Jstall7543  a months ago +1

    What the hell! You just changed my mind about Tesla.

  • Dan Soethe
    Dan Soethe  a months ago +1

    I have 2017 Volt, so far only repair needed was the heat module. Which was still under warranty.

  • Dan Soethe
    Dan Soethe  a months ago

    So it looks like it's cheeper to total it out and get new one after warranty lapses..

  • KKKriSS T
    KKKriSS T  2 months ago

    Markass brownie