We Tried Pokémon Makeup • Saf & Candace

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 24, 2017
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  • jasmine joonie  (Mar 3, 2017))

    "we'll call it digimon" , I actually choked.

  • Keira Miller  (Nov 18, 2018))

    digimon was my childhood

  • Hoseok's Spilled Tae  (Aug 27, 2018))

    Army ;) And same.

  • Sophia Gonzalez  (Feb 4, 2017))

    Way better than BuzzFeed lol

  • Notimpressedever  (Jan 17, 2018))

    I was like number 666

  • Did those eye shadow palettes come from... Wait for it...Pallet Town:))

  • Just.My.Own.Universe  (Jan 21, 2019))

    My Chemical *Unrequited* Romance Yee

  • Anna Persaud  (Jan 12, 2019))


  • oblongbirb  (Feb 9, 2017))

    I couldn't breathe at "Ash's Hopes and Dreams", the eye shadow wasn't visible so I had to!

  • Lady Youtube117  (May 5, 2018))

    Rip Ash

  • Rylee Johnson  (May 22, 2017))

    Oh, and "Brock's Thirst".

  • annie  (Feb 1, 2017))

    Living in Korea i will say that the colours were not based off of pokemon, they are just the normal korean makeup colours with pokemon on them.

  • Casserole cat G  (Oct 19, 2018))


  • Sarah Sterly  (Sep 25, 2018))

    annie north or south

  • 유승주  (Feb 12, 2017))

    The makeup they're using is very cheap in korea! We have some of the most awesome brands of makeup and tons of tourists who are makeup lovers come just for the beauty haha and i love how candace dyed her hair light:) it suits her so much more.

  • Hayley Armstrong  (Aug 10, 2018))

    my brother goes there a lot and every time he brings me back makeup it’s all absolutely amazing <3

  • n00dle  (Aug 9, 2018))

    ya they are a really good brand and have really cute packaging, but the only thing is that it's not cruelty-free. I always want to get their products so bad because of the cute packaging though lol.edit: but I do get that they want to be successful, including China, which requires that they have to test on animals

  • illyisawesome777  (Feb 11, 2017))

    the blush should have the pokeball for the cover and pikachu inside

  • Genessie Ellie  (Dec 21, 2018))

    But Pikachu doesn't go into her pokeball

  • Windows 10  (May 17, 2017))

    At 4:19 when Saf said "pika" I died😂😂😂😂😂

  • Casserole cat G  (Oct 19, 2018))

    More at 4:21

  • Kalie Terry  (Jun 8, 2018))

    The look on her face too, I started laughing too,

  • Luna H.  (Feb 11, 2017))

    Would your makeup palette be called "Palette" Town?

  • Sarah Witch  (Dec 27, 2018))

    Luna H. Lol how about a shade in it called picka then another one called chu

  • SQUISHYHAMSTER 101  (Feb 14, 2017))

    Dam safiya be gettin more views than buzzfeed