Earthquake News Report - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019


  • Anya Bartek
    Anya Bartek  7 months ago +4609

    it’s sweet that pete plays a firefighter just like his dad!

  • Mitzi Lee
    Mitzi Lee  6 months ago +3293

    This was just one huge, immature joke, and I loved it.

  • Mary Dragonee
    Mary Dragonee  5 months ago +1925

    “A. Hitler Hailed As Hero” honestly this joke alone deserves its own emmy

  • Rachael Levi
    Rachael Levi  3 months ago +1005

    Colin Jost and Pete Davidson got drunk at 3am and wrote this sketch for SURE.

  • Joshua W. Naef
    Joshua W. Naef  5 months ago +766

    Pete definitely had to have something to do with the writing.

  • TheChristmasNinja12
    TheChristmasNinja12  7 months ago +5031

    I feel like Pete wrote this sketch.

  • Funny Animato
    Funny Animato  5 months ago +753

    Never underestimate the comedic power of a list of silly names.

  • Chrislyn Charles
    Chrislyn Charles  5 months ago +810


  • Lindsey C.
    Lindsey C.  5 months ago +617

    Pete's dad was a firefighter, he died in 9/11...crazy.

  • Jackie Yoshi
    Jackie Yoshi  5 months ago +348

    OMG it is so cute when Pete is applauding in the background!

  • Cameron Wiley
    Cameron Wiley  3 months ago +450

    "Donna Diddadog? What were you changing your name to?"
    "I did change my name."

  • ur local qt 🌼
    ur local qt 🌼  4 months ago +447

    "Randall with this earthquake, any idea who's at fault? "
    -Carol Kumdungeon

  • blazon1982
    blazon1982  5 months ago +311

    Kind of disappointed there was no 'Hugh Janus'.

  • Lou
    Lou  5 months ago +148

    The reporter did not reveal what happen to Holden Tudiks' older sister, Carrie Tudiks, and his younger sister, Olive Tudiks.

  • Portal
    Portal  yesterday +1

    This is an old joke, i remember it from Atkinson, snl basically copy every word, whatever

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke  6 months ago +210

    This is the funniest snl skit I've seen in a while

  • Mojammer
    Mojammer  5 months ago +135

    "...Mr Hitler, who we admire so much..."

  • Jake Doc
    Jake Doc  17 hours ago

    13 Y./o Boy- Hahahaahaha Two diks
    Me (29 year old man) hahaha two diks

  • Gregor Baby
    Gregor Baby  4 months ago +55

    "Randall, I'm sorry, I'm gotta have to cut off mr. Peanus here" :'D :'D :'D :'D

  • Raj Selvaraj
    Raj Selvaraj  5 months ago +55

    2:05 Pete looking just like his brave father in the background. Like a flashback