I Tried Period Leggings

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 16, 2017
  • THE PERIOD VIDEOS ARE BACK! I saw these period leggings, so I tried these period leggings. What do you guys think? Would you try these for your period? A big thanks again to the sponsor of this video, the Clue app: https://xq5r.app.link/tmO8uVTeZC

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    You can get the period leggings, if you want them, here! https://www.pantyprop.com/

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  • Safiya Nygaard  (Jun 16, 2017))

    HELLO LOVES!! happy friday! who is on their period here?! would you try these things??

  • Tia Marie  (Mar 10, 2019))

    I would totally try them, I do actually wear alot of tunics and dresses so these look great. Plus I hate wearing undies to sleep so these can give me freedom on the light days

  • mr gamer  (Mar 1, 2019))

    Yes I would try them

  • ernie mustachio  (Jun 16, 2017))

    try wearing no black for 1 week, like if you want to see it, sorry saf, I know it's torture, as a fellow black wearer😙😘

  • Ida Earl  (Apr 12, 2019))

    I used to wear lots of colors. Then my wardrobe became black. Even had a t shirt that said, I'll wear black until they find a darker color. Lol. Now I am trying to put a little color back. Be good to each other.

  • Orchid Blossom  (Jun 17, 2017))

    tooswegforyoongi Yoongi~ 😍

  • YEAHitsEMILYY  (Jul 28, 2017))

    I like how she's like, "the smell is comparable to wearing a pad" and we all know exactly what she's talking about. being a woman is weird.

  • Nicole Sanderson  (Mar 18, 2019))

    Tia Marie that’s the Iron in ur blood. Periods do have a smell, the intensity can differ between women but mine tends to be noticeable which I hate which is why I don’t use pads & always thought I was the only one. But nope it totally normal.

  • Tia Marie  (Mar 10, 2019))

    +Jess B I started with tampons then switched to pads so I really thought that smell came from using pads. U don't have any period smell at all? Mines is like metallic smelling

  • titaamac  (Jul 23, 2017))

    I've never been so invested in someone else's period

  • baekhyunnie  (Aug 13, 2017))

    Sleep on white sheets wake up on the flag of Japan. 🇯🇵

  • baekhyunnie too bad it isn’t the flag of South Korea .-.

  • Donna  (Apr 1, 2019))


  • Kali Marie  (Sep 27, 2017))

    Tyler is such a keeper. I hope y'all get married one day. We all need a tyler

  • catherine rousche  (Mar 31, 2019))

    Lol they are

  • More Bellazeunicorn  (Mar 30, 2019))

    Muffin XD not married engaged

  • L Stew  (Jun 16, 2017))

    I feel like every month Saf tries a new strange type of period product to scare her period into never making another appearance

  • L Stew  (Jun 19, 2017))

    Safiya Nygaard I think deep down that's what we're all trying to accomplish 😂💕

  • Zach and Abby Vlogs  (Feb 17, 2018))

    If you have to wear other products with the leggings, what is the point?😂

  • Rose Tenthrine  (Mar 26, 2019))

    Gave you your 1000th like

  • N R  (Mar 22, 2019))

    Sophie, and others_Normal questions_ don't usually come with emoticon like that, laughing so much that you cry one. Without additional info about him (like some weird obsession to throw random emojis) it's safe to say it was rhetorical question, irony, *product is useless* type of comment.

  • Sophia Chicken Nugget  (Jul 26, 2017))

    5:21 Tyler looking at Saf 😍😍

  • Lacey Fisher  (Nov 24, 2017))

    Sophia Chicken Nugget omg i saw that and was like aw 😍

  • Suk Ma Wiggly Dick  (Oct 16, 2017))

    I have 3 levels of blood flow: heavy, ultra heavy, and Niagara Falls

  • Ginny Foster  (Apr 15, 2019))

    Suk Ma Wiggly Dick LoL 😂

  • Donna  (Apr 1, 2019))

    Carbonyl iron saved my life! No stomach pain or nausea like ferrous sulfate iron. I've been anemic for 30+ years and had so much trouble taking ferrous sulfate so my anemia went uncontrolled for decades. I discovered Carbonyl iron about 3 years ago and omg for the first time in my life I'm not freezing to death 24/7, so yea, Carbonyl iron rocks.