I Tried Period Leggings

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 16, 2017
  • THE PERIOD VIDEOS ARE BACK! I saw these period leggings, so I tried these period leggings. What do you guys think? Would you try these for your period? A big thanks again to the sponsor of this video, the Clue app: https://xq5r.app.link/tmO8uVTeZC

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    You can get the period leggings, if you want them, here! https://www.pantyprop.com/

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  • Safiya Nygaard  (Jun 16, 2017))

    HELLO LOVES!! happy friday! who is on their period here?! would you try these things??

  • CottonCandyBoi  (Jan 25, 2019))

    Safiya Nygaard you called us friends in the video but now you are calling us loves, please this is too much for me, this relationship needs to slow down a bit, I’m not friend-zoning you, it is just too fast for meFor those who are oblivious, this is sarcasm and I’m trying to be funny, don’t be woooshed

  • Joana De los santos  (Jun 16, 2017))

    I love how tyler is so comfortable talking about periods!❤️

  • 1000 subs with 1 video  (Feb 1, 2019))

    Alva Rosager true

  • Alva Rosager  (Feb 1, 2019))

    +1000 subs with 1 video Well, personally I believe that people shouldn't get weirdly shameful and awkward about that either, especially not in a close relationship. Also, they're not really the same. Being on your period affects your mood, body etc 24 hours a day for up to a week, so if you can't talk about that with your boyfriend, that's weird. Of course, it all depends on who your talking to and the context. I wouldn't talk to my boss about my period nor my poops, for example.

  • Zachary Booth Vlogs  (Feb 17, 2018))

    If you have to wear other products with the leggings, what is the point?😂

  • Sophie  (Feb 1, 2019))

    Michele Ashley you sound kinda harsh for what was a normal question. And so what if he has a penis? Why does that mean he shouldn’t have an opinion? And how is that relevant to what he was asking?

  • NATO Blauvelt  (Jan 6, 2019))

    Michele Ashley good

  • Jessica Ashlyn Steele  (Jun 29, 2017))

    Fun drinking game: Take a shot every time she says gusset

  • Turn to page 394.  (Feb 3, 2019))

    or you could do period and pad

  • Mr Nick  (Jan 3, 2019))

    Jessica Ashlyn Steele I am now f***ing drunk thx

  • Smol Bean  (Jun 28, 2017))

    Tyler looks at safiya with so much affection and love

  • Food  (4 days ago))

    I’m from the future and I’ve come to tell you they are engaged

  • Well they end up getting married in 2019

  • YEAHitsEMILYY  (Jul 28, 2017))

    I like how she's like, "the smell is comparable to wearing a pad" and we all know exactly what she's talking about. being a woman is weird.

  • Hamilton and Anime Fan  (Jan 12, 2019))

    +The Realm of Ravana Yep. Also,do you like Hamilton??

  • Emily Lamb  (Jan 5, 2019))

    +Kezia Hughes Periods are blechity bleh, but I would be terrified if they stopped happening because that would mean I'm having a freaking child XDDD

  • Laura Reid  (Jun 18, 2017))

    I love how involved your boyfriend looks when you're talking about this haha

  • Deeksha  (Dec 10, 2018))

    That moment was really cute!! :)) he's so sweet and supportive of her

  • BbgKennn  (Aug 20, 2018))

    Laura Reid my last name is reid lol

  • titaamac  (Jul 23, 2017))

    I've never been so invested in someone else's period

  • Kali Marie  (Sep 27, 2017))

    Tyler is such a keeper. I hope y'all get married one day. We all need a tyler

  • Food  (4 days ago))

    Kali Marie ya I think edited this after the fact they are engaged

  • More Bellazeunicorn  (Dec 20, 2018))

    They got engaged

  • baekhyunnie  (Aug 13, 2017))

    Sleep on white sheets wake up on the flag of Japan. 🇯🇵

  • kirstie b  (Jan 25, 2019))

    baekhyunnie sometimes i just throw my sheets out when there’s too much damage done

  • zomgseriosuly  (Jan 15, 2019))

    Poland on those heavy days